Spinach, feta, chorizo calzone

Sunday Love

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Oh my.  What a week, the stress has been almost all consuming, but it’s Sunday again and time to reflect on all of the little moments that helped me through the week!

First up:  Rugby.  I am LOVING that our team The Western Pioneers won the 2012 North Harbour Premiere Rugby Conference.  Dave and Ethan spent Saturday afternoon at North Harbour Stadium cheering the boys on {with a huge Kumeu contingent!} and the boys got to bring the silverware home and send Silverdale home empty handed – much to the delight of the enamored junior players who spent an afternoon learning about what Club Pride really means.  Ethan {who normally shies away from large, loud crowd functions, was front row and centre as his triumphant team arrived back at the clubhouse with trophy in hand and sang their team song!  He then collected as many autographs as he could and declared it an AWESOME night.


Western Pioneers Win!

Loving a sneaky after-boy-in-bed takeaway mission!  So bad, but SO good!  Our local makes better fried chicken nibbles than any famous alphabetized chicken establishment you can think of, holla Huapai Takeaways, we love you {only occasionally and NEVER more than twice a month ; ) }.

Chicken Fried Rice

I popped into the Takapuna Markets for a quick solo {!!!!} scout around this morning and picked up some lovely spinach which I promptly used in a fab recipe I’m fixin’ to share with you – practicing my southern-speak for hanging with our friends and fam in Florida.  I also scored these 3 beautiful orchid stems for a measly $3!  Love.


Choco-Ade?  Are back?!

I die.  I loved these bikkies as a kiwi kid and I still love them in their marvelous re-release.  Good on you Griffins for listening to your customers, Georgie Pie anyone?

Griffins Choco-Ade Biscuits

So in love with our doggies this week, and every week.  There are lots of suitcases around however, and Mum has already arrived in Chicago so the dogs are on high alert.  they know something is going on and they are worried.  Many extra cuddles are going around as we prepare to leave them in the capable hands of my cousin and his  lovely girlfriend.  Watching the Olympics is also excellent for rainy Sunday dog TV.

Dogs on the couch

Oooooohhhh. So love new recipes that are amaze, and perhaps even better than you had hoped!  Found a cracker today, will share soon x

Spinach, feta, chorizo calzone

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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.