7 Days





Worn out. Sunday night and I’m done.

Big weekend down here in old NZ, our incumbent Prime minister John Key and the National Party have won the election by a landslide indicating a firm shift to the right by New Zealand voters. Nothing too out of the box but the amount of people not bothering to go to the polls at all is pathetic.
Ironically, during one of the wettest weekends in recent memory we cleared an existing garden, laid the sleepers and began levelling the ground for a jumbo sandpit for Nixon, and we went to the pools with Ethan’s rugby team (amidst torrential downpours).  A little bit of sun to go with our springtime activities wouldn’t have gone amiss!
Big week though;

  • Ethan was awarded Player of the Year at his Rugby Prizegiving!
  • One day, Nixon restarted the washing machine 5 times before we got through a full cycle, it was hilarious. SO WAS NOT HILARIOUS.
  • E spent four days on Kawau Island at school camp and loved every second of it. I thought I’d love every second of the very quiet week too, but I really just missed him.
  • I walked 3 kms every day for 7 days, measly I know but I do haul ass while I’m doing it
  • Husband is the best.  We came home from our wintery swimming excursion to a messy, messy house and we power cleaned it together, including vacuuming, 3 loads of laundry sorted, some spring cleaning done and happy kid status maintained throughout yah!  And then he cooked dinner x
  • Bitches be bitchin’ at the moment right?  Serious nastys going on the world of health and fitness blogging {and other places}, play nice ladies
  • Lightbox, Lightbox, Lightbox.  We LOVE you.  For real.  Lightbox combined with our Igloo for PPV All Blacks test matches is the best most economical formula of paid premium content I can fathom.  Peace out Sky, I will not be back.

Have a fab week my pretties x

7 Days

7 Days Seven days = 168 hours.

I figure I spent about 42 of those hours sleeping and 100 hours cleaning the juicer so that leaves 26 hours I am unable to account for!  WTH.

What do I do with myself all day?  

This week has just whizzed by in a blur.  There were many highlights such as;

  • Discovering Nixon discovering the bastard dogs favourite way to torment me {this happened as we were about to leave the house to go grocery shopping >>>> praise be for Countdown, I have SO much time for online shopping, oh look, that’s another 30min accounted for!}.  In non-Melissa speak this means that Dash shit on the carpet and Nixon had a great time massaging his toys with it FML.
  • Discovering Nixon had discovered a full Damp Rid pot in an open cupboard {this happened as we were about to leave the house for the first time in 4 days – it was VERY sunny & lovely…through the windows as I washed, floors, toys and books, couches and shoes}
  • Discovering E has discovered how babies are made (about time, maybe this year we won’t have to wrap presents from Santa?) and is worrying about his future participation in said method {insert wine here}
  • Discovering my husband is awesome even in the face of being fully let down by a friend, BOO
  • Discovering that listening to a tradie-mates views on Mums wearing workout tights 24-7 when they never, ever work out is just about the funniest thing ever!
  • Discovering that TV on the internet is just about the best thing since sliced bread, holla at your girl LIGHTBOX! (Try it free for 30 days yo welcome)
  • Discovering that resigning from one job actually just gives you extra time to do more of all the other stuff ergo LESS time then before, I can’t figure this out HALP!