Sunday in the City

The antarctic-like temps that have been plaguing Auckland over the past week have meant the kids and I have been hibernating a bit more than normal.  Hard not to do when the boys and I all succumbed to a wicked head cold and Ethan was shaking off a nasty bout of bronchitis.  It’s very ironic that the freezing temps are actually caused by a massive high, but this is also resulting in the most stunning, blue sky winter days you could possibly hope for.  Better than rain right?

I needed to get out of the house yesterday and enjoy some family time.  Dave was away for work three days last week so we really needed to regroup as a family and enjoy spending some time together – outside!

Typically, no one had anything they particularly wanted to do or places they wanted to go so we headed to the city and decided to cruise Wynyard Quarter.  Parking on Beaumont Street is easy and free on Sundays, it’s also right at the playground end of Wynyard Quarter so easy for little legs.  Nix was riding his little motorbike and Ethan was cruising on his scooter as the wharf, bridge and walkways are so much fun for the kids to enjoy on wheels.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

We spent a little time at the playground but I think the boys were delirious over being given some space to roam so we hit the pavement again and meandered up the wharf, stopping to stare down at the decidedly emerald harbour, admiring the bright yellow tugs, the dogs, the tourists and just enjoying a bit of bustle.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand
Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

It was time for lunch soon enough and because the boys were clamoring for a treat, we had dessert first, settling on some insane gelato from Wynyard Quarter’s Gelatiamo.  Nixon’s Vanilla cup was classic and gorgeous while E opted for a cone of  beautiful pink marshmallow gelato.  Not knowing where we’d end up after that, we wandered through the fish market, introducing Nix to the joys of dead sea creatures.  He loved it of course.  

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

Onwards to Sal’s Pizza for lunch.  There were restaurants a plenty which Dave and I have been dying to try, but we had two fading boys and we wanted everyone to enjoy a speedy, happy lunch with zero stress.  Tip: If you’re in a hurry at Sal’s ordering slices rather than a whole pie is super quick.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

The morning was perfection.

Just thinking about how cruisy and relaxed it was brings a smile to my face even today.  Great days do not have to be overplanned, sometimes all you need to do is hop in the car and drive.

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Summer in Auckland | The Zoo Trip

Today, on what was surely the hottest day EVER in New Zealand {am I right?} I asked Ethan what he would like to do.

He wanted to go to the Zoo.

My too-hard-basket self and my home-body self wanted to shut this plan down before it gained any traction, but I don’t want to be that Mum.  I want this summer to be the summer of saying yes, of many adventures and sliding into March tanned, tired and with no regrets of gorgeous days wasted.  This was our spendy outing this week.  Dave headed back to work today so it was a relatively cheap exercise compared to paying for two adults but I will be filling the rest of the week up with free or inexpensive activities.

So.  Yes it was very, very VERY hot.  Yes.  Half of Auckland decided to head to the Zoo today.  But, it was the best day I can remember spending with my boys in a long time.

Ethan was in the perfect mood for it, he was engaged and interested, and amped quite frankly.  I let him take charge.  We decided not to look at the map, to just go where we wanted and it worked out beautifully.  It just happened to be one of those well timed arrivals {due to NO parking} when we only had to queue for 10 minutes before we all got to feed the giraffe – even Nixie!  He was so stoked!  Then after walking around the corner, the elephant was dancing up a storm and putting on a show, so Nix was entertained and able to focus for quite a while on each animal.  What am I saying, the kid lapped it up.  He is so, so different to his brother but so alike in their complete and utter adoration of animals.  “Ostrich!”  “Elfunt!” “Tortle!” “Youraft!” “Iger!” “Ion!”.  

It was an amazing day.  I even packed a cooly bag!  With lunch, SALAD for me even!  – though I had packed coleslaw and forgot a fork fml.  I’m telling you I was really on top of my game today.

And that felt good.

PS Nixon’s stink face is totally not representative of his mood, he was just as awesome as his brother today, also check out my freaky hairy arm wtf?!

Auckland Zoo Summer New Zealand



My Guys Rip

We spent Sunday morning at the beach out west and both boys were charging!

Ethan has been riding without training wheels for just three weeks now and he charged the BMX track – HARD!  Louie was always right there to lend Ethan some moral support and add difficulty as a moving obstacle if Ethan was going a little too fast!

     Muriwai 012Muriwai 035Muriwai 204Muriwai 215   Muriwai 146  

Muriwai 248 Muriwai 124Muriwai 294

Bike Repair, who can complain though with the beach right there! 180 hippy jump for the kids

Muriwai 316Muriwai 323Muriwai 133

Muriwai 046family