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So ladies, primer.  

Do you or don’t you?  Do you every day?  Should you?  What the heck is it and why do you need it in your life?  

Got it.  Welcome to the beginners guide to primer and blur products, from the Beginner Herself, ME!

Whether you’re not that handy in the makeup department or you’re a certified pro, starting with a well prepped base is key to improving the look, feel and longevity of your makeup. Now that I’m old (HA!  I was born in the seventies for christ-sake!)  I’m all about primer and blurs.  They smoothe out the surface of my skin,  even out my sun damaged blotches, mattify, help makeup stay on longer/look good for longer and help me to do a somewhat better job of applying the stuff as foundation glides on beautifully over primer.

How do I use it?

After cleansing I pop some ProActiv on any spots I have, apply a serum or oil, then my moisturiser – super hydrated skin = happy makeup day.  Then I apply a primer before my BB cream or tinted moisturiser.  If it’s a rare day when I need to wear full coverage I’ll use foundation over the primer.

That said, let’s summarise shall we?  

  • Is face primer akin to vehicle primer i.e. does it bog holes?  Yes.  Primer does a fab job of minimising pores.
  • Is face primer akin to house/furniture paint primer?  Will it provide me with a smooth, profesh look?  Yes.  About as profesh as this post is.  Just joking, add primer and your makeup will look much more professional than a beauty post written by me ever could!  Smooth as a baby’s bum ring any bells?
  • What is in primer/blur products that makes them so magical?  Every single product I tested, except for the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, contains Dimethicone in at least one form, often multiple forms.  Dimethicone is a silicon-based polymer—”polymer” meaning it’s a large molecule made up of several smaller units bonded together.  It makes products easily spreadable and forms a protective barrier on the skin, whilst being able to fill in the fine lines and wrinkles on the face < that’s why it’s the key ingredient in primers.
  • Is this something I need?  Mama’s, I say YES.  Go forth and buy primer!

Meet the Sample Team

Dimethicone Free

 SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer Water RRP $62

So, meet the only product in the trial that’s silicone and alcohol free as well as being the only liquid primer.  Photo Finish Primer is one of those gems that does triple duty – spray it on as a primer before makeup application, use it as a setting spray or as a refresher to breathe some life into hours old makeup.  I’ve used it all three ways and I love it, it feels great on my face, does a fab job of ‘preparing the canvas’ (groan lol) and when I’m wearing it my makeup looks amazing all day long.  Without the silicon polymers that are included in other products, it doesn’t have the ‘blur’ effect, but once my makeup is on the difference is negligable.

SPF IncludedTop Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

MURAD Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield SPF 30 RRP $140

I love this luxe product because, to put it simply, it takes care of business and can also boast a skincare hat-trick.  As a primer, Invisiblur™ does an amazing job.  It goes on like a dream, is silky smooth and the blur is amaze.  As a makeup base, products glide on and stay on.  I’m notorious for forgetting to apply sunscreen to my face so the inclusion of Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a big plus for me.  In addition, it’s “non-comedogenic formula contains a powerful blend of youth-enhancing ingredients like Shitake Mushroom Peptides, Black Currant, Rosemary and Goldenrod Extracts. These ingredients combine to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin resilience and texture to reveal an overall more youthful look and feel”.  Yes.  Please.  So, my skin is receiving the benefits of a treatment product while I’m wearing makeup and is protected from the sun plus primed and blurred.  This is as good as it gets.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerBENEFIT Air Patrol Bb Cream Eyelid Primer SPF 20 RRP $50

This is getting down to the nitty gritty.  Primer for your eyelids?  What the?  Hold on.  Have you looked at your eyelids lately?  Mine are all kinds of lumpy, bumpy, they are a little bit veiny with uneven colouring, not the smoothest looking skin on one’s body right?  Air Patrol has just launched and is customised specifically for those pesky parts of our peepers.  The softest applicator I’ve ever felt, combined with a one-twist dispenser results in a fail safe experience.  I rarely wear eyeshadow but I’ve been reaching for this on makeup days as it smoothes and blurs my lids and creates that ‘my skin but better’ look effortlessly.  This is a BB cream so it is tinted, creating soft, natural coverage which is perfect on its own.  I’ve read reviews for Air Patrol online and people are raving about it’s ability to keep eye shadow going the distance.  An eyelid angel indeed!

Special Area
  • Of course Benefit Air Patrol belongs in this section too! You already realised that though didn’t you……?


SMASHBOX Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer RRP $48Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

So, our eyes definitely require a bit of special attention when it comes to skincare and makeup.  The skin is super thin and delicate (wrinkly, crinkled, puffy, tired, dark…..) so the same rules don’t apply as for the rest of your face.  Slapping concealer under there on it’s own won’t work.  The area needs to be super hydrated so makeup doesn’t get cakey, dark circles often need to be colour corrected before being concealed and then powdered over to set……crikey.

Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer takes much of the fuss out of this, combining a primer, super hydrating lotion and brightener all in one.  It’s perfect as a base for concealer or it’s genius on it’s own to reduce puffiness and lift/brighten the under eye area.  Super light formulation glides on and leaves a dewy, silky finish.  LOVE.


Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerL’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT Magic Blur Daily Anti-Ageing Moisturiser RRP $39.99

The first Magic Blur product I tried was from a sample in a magazine and I was pretty wowed to be honest.  The effect was amazing!  I love this combo product because many primer/blurs go on quite dry, almost chalky and need to be used in conjunction with a moisturiser, so for time poor women, adding another step to an already rushed beauty routine just becomes too much work.  So, by combining the magic of Blur (which I think L’Oréal have down to  fine art btw), with Pro-Retinol, a key anti-ageing ingredient, ‘wrinkles appear reduced, skin feels firmer and skin complexion looks more even’. My mum said that she had never put anything on he face that felt so silky and smooth! Go L’Oréal!

  • Of course Benefit Air Patrol belongs in this section too! You already realised that though didn’t you……?


L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur with Self Adjusting Tint RRP $24.99Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

This little pink tube comes under the ‘balm’ category for me.  This is a product I would use on targeted areas rather than smoothing across my whole face as the consistency just doesn’t lend itself to that.  The box describes the texture as ‘velvety cream’ and this is spot on.  Awesome mattifying powers, if you suffer from oily spots this would be a great product to try.  It absorbs instantly leaving a lovely smooth finish.  The tint is subtle and is definitely suitable for all skin tones.  This creates an awesome base for foundations or BB creams, or on it’s own with a swipe of mascara for an easy, no fuss pick-me-up.  Great, cost-effective option if you’re wanting to try a primer or blur without investing a pay cheque!

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L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream RRP $29.99

OK, out of this and Skin Perfection I prefer this one.  Remember I’m no scientist, but it feels like there is more of the miraculous silicone polymers in Nude Magique – it’s positively slippery!  The tint is more apparent also, I’ve totally worn this out on it’s own and felt like it was an improvement over my 36 year old au naturel lol.  I wish I could show you the effect these products have on your skin, but it’s super hard to capture.  I’m looking at it on my hand right now where the skin is thin with lots of fine lines and wrinkles and to the naked eye it looks like someone has run a filter down my hand where I’ve put Nude Magique!  This as a base, has awesome non-greasy, corrective powers, layering other makeup on top results in a really flawless finish.  Top product for a great price.

Straight up Blur/Primers

BENEFIT The POREfessional RRP $57Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

So this guy is one of the heavy hitters.  A cult fave, and staple in many women’s beauty arsenals.  The POREfessional is described as a PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores.  And really, that’s all we want, we can’t make pores disappear otherwise our skin will look as fake and plastic as a Barbie Doll and I think we’re all mature enough to have moved on from that phase?!  An interesting point of difference here is that the box describes using it over makeup!  I tried this after a workout the other day when I was wearing full face but looking a little sweaty/shiny.  Ah-maze-ing!  Instant matte and hot, open pores totally under control within seconds.  Definitely setting the standard in primer/blur balms.  I use more on targeted areas – nose, chin – rather than smoothing over my whole face.  Can’t fault it.  LOVE.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerL’Oréal Paris Base Magique Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

RRP $35.99

So, Base Magique has quite a different texture to most of the other products.  It’s much tackier and stickier to apply but the finish is velvety smooth.  Described as a blend of silicone oils (like other products we’ve discussed) and soft light powders, there is definitely more to this primer, with a thicker consistency that is a bit harder to spread.  But as a base – perfection.  Once you rub the product between your fingers to ease spreading as recommended on the box, you’re good to go.  Definitely one to wear over your moisturiser, the rosy shade creates a gorgeous translucency that would look good on anyone.  I think more mature skin would love Base Magique, the texture is perfect for minimising the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles.

Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur RRP $17.49Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

This one is my pick for kick ass results on a beer budget.  Perfect Blur is easy to apply, feels light and silky and actually delivers the promises on the box; visibly blurs wrinkles, imperfections, pores and shine.  The slim tube would be perfect for keeping in your purse to manage shine throughout the day.  It includes light reflectors which help promote that youthful, dewy look which I’m all about!  I like this product.  One to apply over moisturiser to ensure skin remains hydrated throughout the day,  Garnier has taken a must-have product and made it accessible to everyone with a fantastic price point.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerL’Oréal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur RRP $29.99

Described as the last step in your skincare routine, Magic blur is slick and no-nonsense.  The consistency is almost serum-like, it goes on so easily, you could absolutely apply it full-face in about 10 seconds, which I like.  I’d rather not have to dab and keep returning to a product to finish the job you know?  For those like me who don’t wear foundation every day, a product like this is a way to look like you’ve attempted to, I don’t know, do ‘something’ lol but with absolute minimal effort!  That’s rad.  My skin looks soft, touchable, and super super smooth.  On days when I do wear foundation I’ve found Magic Blur works as well as some of the higher-end primers, makeup went nowhere!  I love the notion of this being a ‘Finishing Cream’ as that’s a great way to think of it; it finishes off your skincare.

Honorable Mention

Dermalogica Hydrablur™ Primer RRP $91.00Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

I’ve only tried this in a wee sample size so can’t comment too much, but I’ve a feeling this could be one to watch.  One of the latest products from Dermalogica, Hydrablur™ provides three benefits in one formula; intense hydration, neutral coverage and pore-refining properties using mushroom extract which counteracts the drying nature of some primers.  The media release for this also states it can be used over foundation for a flawless finish.  I used it as a base and loved it, if the sample is anything to go by, this could definitely be an investment product!

Holiday Makeup | Island Style

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Compared to my 12 pack of skincare products, the makeup I took to Rarotonga was much more carefully curated.  I figured (correctly) that as soon as I got a bit of sun on my cheeks I would be sans foundation, blush, highlighter, contour, bronzer, yadda yadda most days.  So, only the basics got a boarding pass.  Lips, light coverage, concealer, mascara, illuminator and brows (not pictured).   Only the basics lol.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

Dermalogica Sheer Tint spf20 Medium RRP $79

Welcoming Sheer Tint back into my life was like meeting an old friend again.  The proliferation of BB Creams from other brands saw me shy away from my faithful pal for a year or so but now I’m back and loving this excellent update on a beauty classic.

Described as the last step in skin care and first step in makeup, the 2015 reformulation sees the inclusion of Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder to promote radiant beauty and health.  Sheer Tint provides more coverage than leading BB Creams but mineral ingredient Iron Oxide creates a perfectly sheer colour wash resulting in a natural, glowing finish.

Oil-free, must-have, SPF20 everyday makeup.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer RRP $38Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

On some days, some spots need a little more coverage and the best concealer I’ve ever discovered is this little pot of camouflage from Benefit.  Boi-ing stays put  I apply it with my fingers as in this slightly cooler weather the warmth softens it, then I blend with a brush for a perfect finish.  Cannot rave about this product enough.  Concealer is an important part of my daily makeup routine and I’m so stoked to have finally found one that I love!Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

NARS Illuminator – Orgasm RRP $30 USD

NARS make the most amazing cheek colours, I’ve had my Orgasm blush for a couple of years now and it pops that dewy glow like no other powder.  But with highlighting/strobing/all the glowing going on I felt like I need to up my game.  I added this liquid illuminator to a recent Sephora order and it’s now my favourite little secret to help me look refreshed, with a natural glow that doesn’t quit.  Available in NZ from Mecca Cosmetica.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara Black RRP $39.34

No surprise here, EOH Goddess Mascara is the product that kicked off my love of makeup so it was a non-negotiable inclusion in my vacation  kit.  Never clumpy, no pandas, lengthens like a dream.  With a little holiday glow going on, I would often leave the house with nothing more than some balm, a little illuminator on my cheeks and a quick swipe of mascara to upgrade from beach to cocktail hour in a second.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand BeautyBenefit Chachabalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm RRP $34Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

A touch of  colour was totally necessary for an easy, beachy look but it had to have super-duper moisturising properties as well.  Chachabalm is creamy, not slick and sticky and is heaven on dry lips.  This is def more of a treatment product than a gloss or tint so was the right choice for a sunny vacation, great staying power is a big plus, as is the addition of juicy mango butter – yum!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Bare Pop RRP $46

This is my second Pop Lip Colour in a seriously wearable, everyday shade.  My lips-but-better pigment, long wearing and a lovely creamy non-drying formulation that feels very natural.  The addition of primer in the formulation is what sold me on Clinique Pop, when you do experience wear over the day through eating and drinking, there’s no ‘tide’ mark left around the edge of of your lips which I can’t stand.  A demi-matte finish which in this shade is perfectly casual and just what I wanted.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Super Strawberry RRP $40Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

I love chubby sticks because they are so easy to use and so versatile.  I didn’t take any blush on the trip but Super Strawberry can do double duty as a lip or cheek pigment!  The never-needs-sharpening case also eliminates the need to pack a sharpener!  Clinique, you’re so smart!


Top Mummy Blog new Zealand BeautyBillion Dollar Brows Mad About Brows Palette RRP $59

Ahhhh brows.  Saved the best for last?  Maybe, but if you’re wanting quick, non-fussy makeup while holidaying, then, baby do your brows.  I was a dedicated brow pencil fan until I received this palette.  Billion Dollar Brows have nailed it with this combo of four brow powders, sculpting wax and mini brow brush.  Once you get used to using the angled brush, brows become foolproof and easy, held in place with the super pliable wax that sets to a naturally defined finish.


Holiday Skincare | Island Style

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

Oh lord, that picture doesn’t look real does it?  I can’t believe it feels so long ago already :::sobs:::

I was determined to pack light for our trip to Rarotonga and that included my toiletry bag.  I did pack way more skincare products than makeup but couldn’t have been happier with my choices.  With the chance of  returning with a ‘safe’ tan I wanted to ensure my skin was well protected but also well moisturised and nourished.  After hibernating all winter, being outside and in the water all day for 12 days meant I was going to have to pay a bit more attention to my skin to avoid peeling, wind and sunburn and dry, scaly legs and feet.

With that in mind I was sure to pack a few products that could do double duty and multi-task like a boss.  This ultimately saved on space and weight but also meant I was covered against any skin ’emergencies’ that may have arisen!  Let’s meet my holiday favourites;

Grab & Go Goodness Try-Me Kit RRP $24.99

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty BloggerThis set of minis arrived the day before we left so I was able to replace full size products with this team of beauty superstars from the Goodness Natural Beauty Lab.  The super cute kit contains;

  • Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (5ml)
  • Every Day Cream Cleanser (20ml)
  • Every Morning Moisturiser (20ml)
  • Every Week Face Scrub (10ml)
  • Every Evening Cream (25 ml)

Unfortunately The Chia Seed Oil bottle didn’t survive the trip but the rest of these wee gems were used every day….except for the Every Week Face Scrub of course, because I follow directions to a T lol!  This range is just easy.  That’s the best word I can think of to describe it.  It’s simple, natural, does what is says, it’s not pretentious or fluffy.  Good honest skincare with an added kick – certified organic chia seed oil which on its own is light and readily absorbed but as an ingredient across the entire range, takes ‘good’ products to a whole new level.  The Every Morning Moisturiser kept my skin hydrated throughout the day under my sunscreen and I used the Every Evening Cream religiously at night.  No dry skin the entire trip!

Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate RRP $39.90Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

Nixon didn’t get the memo about being on holiday so woke between 4.45 am and 5.30 every day we were in Rarotonga.  This gorgeous Eye Recovery Concentrate from Trilogy was a lifesaver, one that I often used more than once per day.    Containing Trilogy’s latest plant oil blend, Glycablend™, caffeine, CoQ10 and jojoba, I kept this little vial in the fridge and rolled it on every morning/afternoon/evening (whenever I looked in the mirror and went WTF?!).  It instantly took care of my lack-of-sleep puffiness and reduced the slack-eyed look that I’m often sporting after a rough night with Nix!  This one’s a keeper ladies, I love it.

Antipodes Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood Serum RRP $49.50

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger2015 has sure been the year of the serum!  Luckily I’m a huge fan and I’ve discovered a new fave that hits stores October 1st.  Antipodes will soon release their lush Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood Serum with jasmine & ylang ylang and it’s a babin’ blend let me tell you.  I’ve been applying this every morning underneath a moisturiser for the past 3 weeks and I’m addicted to it!  My skin feels amazing and is able to maintain perfect moisture levels all day long.  The point of difference here is that rather than a straight oil, Antipodes has created an oil-based serum.  Other serums in my arsenal tend to be a little drying, they deliver the good stuff but leave my skin needing more moisture.  This combo of Chia & Kiwi Seed punches way above it’s weight.  It’s a luxe silky serum, but the super fine oils absorb beautifully and create a magic barrier against moisture loss that lasts all day.  

Added bonus, $60,000 from the sale of this product will be donated to World Wide Fund for Nature NZ!

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm RRP $ 50.60Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

So this is what I’m talking about when I refer to multi-tasking products.  Saviour Skin Balm is now in my handbag 24-7.  This was my lip balm on the trip, my always-on-hand first aid balm (Rarotonga is surrounded by a coral reef so you can’t even begin to imagine the number of cuts and grazes both boys endured on a daily basis!) plus it was our soothing go-to for insect bites and any sun-induced redness.  I also used it to calm my frizzy hair as I didn’t take any styling products or my GHD’s, quelle horreur! Dave is also a fan and dabs a bit on his face to soothe shaving cuts.  This delicious pot of gold is crammed full of antibacterial and antifungal agents derived from totara and tea tree and heals skin in a snap!  There is nothing not to love about Saviour Skin Balm, it’s definitely the kind of product the boys will remember when they’re grown, ‘that one tin of stuff Mum used to rub on everything!’.  And then they’ll buy some for themselves because it’s that good.

Weleda Skin Food Travel Size RRP $13.90

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

My skin has a few ‘special needs’  areas that constantly need extra love and with 12 days in flip flops and wrestling Nixon on the beach to consider I didn’t hesitate in popping a 30ml travel-size tube of Weleda’s Skin Food into my toilet bag.  This is a time-tested formulation that has been around since 1926 and to this day remains 100% natural.  

I use it on my elbows, feet and hands daily and long term, this is the only product I’ve found to keep gross, dry elbows at bay – I hate them!  Ethan also favours this product to fix wind burnt lips in a flash.  This lotion goes on easily so is perfect for quick applications to small bottoms.  Nix got a few contact rashes on his nether regions from being in the water so much and sand was an abrasive friend you’ve just got to love while holidaying at the beach!  After rinsing off each night I’d just apply a little Skin Food to his (minor) diaper rash and he’d be all clear by the morning, ready to swim another day!

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment RRP $95

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

This super slick superstar from Clinique launched in New Zealand last month but I’ve been fortunate enough to have been using it for the last 2 months or so. In love of course, when do we not love Clinique right? I’ve been using Custom-Repair Eye Treatment twice daily and can see results that I’m freaking out over! Most noticeable to me is the reduced crinkly, crepiness. As far as signs of aging go, I’m most at peace with my wrinkles. Grey hair gives me the heebies but I can handle my laugh lines…… long as they stay in check! Clinique Smart is keeping on top of this for me by easing inflammation, repairing damage, plumping and boosting radiance. Four things I need everyday, not just on my holiday!

Antipodes Immortal SPF 15 Face & Body Moisturizer RRP $54.45

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty BloggerSo, the foundation for great-holiday skin was all taken care of, now to protect it.  I wore this creamy formulation from Antipodes every day in Rarotonga and never once got burnt.  That’s so important to me.  My Dad died from melanoma so I do my best to protect my skin and I’m absolutely anal about keeping the kids well covered in sunscreen and wearing protective clothing at the beach.  Immortal SPF 15 Face & Body Moisturizer is delicious.  It spreads and covers well and it absorbs like a standard moisturizer (it doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on top of your skin you know?  I hate that!).  Full of plant-based wonder ingredients, super-antioxidant Vinanza Performance Plus® grape and kiwifruit extract as well as plant-based hyaluronic acid, ancient Reishi mushroom and Raspberry seed oil which naturally protects skin from UVA damage.  LOVE.

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream RRP $29.90Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

I was sent this shimmery tube at the beginning of winter (review here) and I’d been dying to use it after a little sun, some longer days and when I had an opportunity to wear short sleeves!  Ultra Hydrating Body Cream easily passed the island moisturiser test.  No dry legs, arms or shoulders the entire trip, and in the evenings, after showering off the day’s salt and sand, it was lovely to take a minute to sit and enjoy this subtly frangranced lotion.  What is so nice about Trilogy’s most intense body moisturiser, is the added mica which creates a slight shimmer, just perfect for highlighting a sunsafe holiday tan.

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum RRP $75

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty BloggerOk I’m tired.  

Every night at around 8.45pm I’d just crash.  The early mornings (thanks Nixon!), the fresh air and fun at the beach plus all of our planned excursions wiped me out.  To be honest we all came home more worn out than when we left New Zealand!

There was nothing for it but to quickly cleanse with my Good Every Day Cream Cleanser then apply Dr. Hauschka’s latest Night Serum and hit the hay.  I’ve been using this on and off since June but whilst on holiday used it exclusively at night for 12 days.  I have one criteria for a good night serum, and that is this; when I wake up in the morning, my skin needs to look refreshed  – like I’ve actually had some sleep!  This sounds silly but once I noticed that this was actually achievable using the right product, it became a firm acid test.  Dr. Hauschka Night Serum works just as described.  One thing I’ve learnt this year which makes SO much sense, is that the skin doesn’t need to be ‘protected’ at night from outside influences.  There is no need to layer on lotion after oil etc just to go to sleep.  One great product like Night Serum will work it’s magic best when left to get on with it.

So, there you have it!  A bit of a list but these are all fab skin-saving heroes that deserved a little love from me.  Let me know if you have any questions and look out for my Island Style Make-up post – which is a MUCH smaller gang btw!


Beauty Review | Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger Estee Lauder

Let’s get the price out of the way quickly and move on to the science as this new (miracle, hero, MY FAVOURITE serum of all time) product firmly sits in the splurge category for me; 30mls – RRP $174, 50mls – RRP $252.  However, my 4ml sample size lasted the month easily, using it both morning and night.  Considering I’m a bit heavy handed when it comes to application, the 30ml size would easily see you through 7.5 months!  I call that a wise investment in your skin.

Ok, now the good stuff.

Last month Estée Lauder launched the New Dimension Collection.  Dubbed ‘transformative’, a multi-faceted approach shows both immediate effect as well as cumulative over time. This is a beauty range devoid of bloat.  Four products, four seriously good products;

  • New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum
  • New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape – helps to tighten and tone
  • New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit – Instantly sculpt the face
  • New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit  – Instantly transform eyes


Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger Estee Lauder
The New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit is being used to give me angles, cheekbones and contour! It’s also relatively easy to use, the palette contains only two tones so even I may be able to replicate this myself.  Resting-bitch-face attributed to me thinking “WTF was I thinking by wearing a plaid flannel shirt to a gorgeous beauty launch?!”

Using Neuroscience Testing on their consumer panel for the first time, Estée Lauder discovered that after using the New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum for 10 weeks the transformative nature of the product had yielded tangible visible results but had also resulted in a positive change in attitude regarding their appearance in 91% of respondents.  After using the serum for 4 weeks I can totally agree.

My skin has been going through some sort of mid-life crisis this year.  I had an inflammatory reaction to a face mask which resulted in peeling redness and hideous acne-like flare ups.   The New Dimension serum has started to undo the damage caused.  The surface scarring has begun to turn around, my skin is way more refined, less saggy and doughy and my confidence is back for the first time in months.  This product’s focus on the ‘inner architecture’ of the skin sounds gimmicky but that’s where I feel the improvement in my skin has stemmed from.  The texture of my skin has never been so smooth, plump and refreshed.  

I (almost) love my skin again lol.

These beauties in blue hit counters August 31st, or you will be able to order online via  

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger Estee Lauder


The Makeup Edit – June + Giveaway

June was a busy, busy month in terms of skincare and makeup releases so I’ve decided to split them in two and feature monthly, curated summaries of products I purchased and products I was sent for review.

La Mav Organic BB Créme – RRP $49.96, Gifted

Mummy Beauty Blogger New Zealand

I’m a big fan of BB Crème and use one every day, either on its own or under foundation.  The bonus of adding a BB crème into your make-up routine is that it minimises the products required to achieve a divine complexion. “La Mav’s Organic BB Crème acts as a moisturiser, primer and light foundation and works to give your skin a healthy, radiant glow. Skin imperfections will fade away with La Mav’s colour corrective formula, while the light foundation tint will give you enough coverage to awaken and smooth your skin”. 

This formulation is a bit thicker and creamier than most BB Crèmes I’ve used so doesn’t quite glide on as easily as I’m used to.  It’s also quite pigmented, which is fine for my skin tone but a little too much for those with paler skin.  I’ve given this to my Mum as she likes a bit more coverage than the average BB Créme gives so this offering from La Mav is perfect.

All La Mav products are 100% plant based, certified organic and cruelty free – they are also free from harsh chemicals including parabens, talc, phthalates, petro chemicals, sulphated surfactants, synthetic fragrance and colours and silicon.

Available from Health 2000 and other selected retailers.

Mummy Beauty Blogger New ZealandEstée Lauder Pure Color Envy Defining Singles – RRP $58, Available August 3rd, 2015, Gifted

I have one of these stunning singles in Naked Gold and quite simply, the depth of colour and creamy finish is luxe.  The flawless formulation of the NEW Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles is long lasting, non-flaky, blends super well and layers like a charm.  Combining the best properties of a cream, powder and gel all-in-one the result is crease-resistant colour that goes the distance.

NEW Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles allow you to build a collection of your favourite shades with twenty new hues covering the spectrum.

Available on counter or from Smith and Caughey’s August 3rd 2015.


Karen Murrell #7 Fuchsia Shock Lipstick – RRP $29.95, Gifted
Mummy Beauty Blogger New Zealand

Ya’ll know how much I LOVE Karen Murrell’s lipsticks {um…>here and here} and Fuchsia Shock is a winner.  Warm pink, not an icy one, this lippy has depth and would compliment many skintones.  A bright lip is a great way to vamp up a boring outfit, so be brave and wear this bold shade with confidence.

Karen Murrell lipsticks are of course cruelty free, ‘vegetarian’ lispticks, containing natural super-heroes;

  •  – Avocado Oil – provides lips with hydration and protection,
  •  – Cinnamon – plumps lips to make them look fuller,
  •  – Evening Primrose Oil – rich in Omega 6, soothes and moisturises dry lips,
  •  – Carnauba Wax – renowned for its high melting point, ensures Karen Murrell lipsticks do not melt in handbags.
  • Keep reading to win Fuchsia Shock for yourself!

Available from selected pharmacies and health food stores.  For more information or to locate your nearest stockist, please visit

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse – RRP $39.95, GiftedMummy Beauty Blogger New Zealand

My ride-or-die brow bff is Benefit Instant Brow Pencil.  I love it.  But, tbh, it’s starting to piss me off as it sharpens terribly and the lead always breaks, so I’m finding there is a lot of wastage.  

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse is a different creature entirely.  It holds and sculpts like a gel (I’ve tried it and it doesn’t go crispy!), tints hair and fills in sparse areas with water resistant colour. Claimed never to fade, run or smudge, blinc is ready for all day wear.  Available in 9 shades, I chose the Light Brunette which is actually quite dark.  I have black eyebrows, so this works, but it definitely creates a high impact look on me.

This is a great product.  The colour is rich and long wearing, however I find it difficult to get a really nice defined line on my brows with the wand, not sure that makes sense, but it’s easy to do with a pencil.  It does have the added benefit of anti-aging peptides for your skin.

Available at beauty salons nationwide, 0800 144 562

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer – RRP $38, Purchased

Mummy Beauty Blogger New ZealandLove, love, love this!  Industrial strength concealer, really?  Yes.  I ran into the Benefit counter (Dave was parked in a 5 min loading zone) and said “I need an epic concealer!”, the Bene-babe asked what I wanted it to do – cover redness – 30 seconds later I was back in the car with my new best friend.  I look forward to putting this on every day.  It, doesn’t budge, doesn’t dry, doesn’t cake.  But mostly I love it because it wears ALL day long and makes my skin look as amazing as my skin can get.   I apply it with my fingers, warming it between your thumb and forefinger makes it glide on super smoothly.  This is a wonder-product for me, I highly recommend it.

Available on counter or online at Smith & Caughey’s

Estée Lauder Little Black Primer – RRP $50, GiftedMummy Beauty Blogger New Zealand

Released in March, this Little Black Primer is a multi-tasker’s dream product.  It tints, amplifies and sets lashes.  As a primer it helps lashes retain curl, and increases the length and volume that can be achieved with mascara.  On it’s own I find it a perfect, subtle mascara that’s budge-proof, I don’t get the length I would if I was wearing mascara alone, but sometimes manga eyes are overkill anyway.  Thirdly you can wear it as a topcoat for your existing mascara.  This is perfect if you need a water-resistant helping hand for the day.

Great product, I prefer wearing it on it’s own or as a top-coat as I find it a little clumpy as a primer.

Available on counter or online at Smith & Caughey’s

Revitalash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner – RRP $120-$185, Gifted

Mummy Beauty Blogger New ZealandTo be honest, I was dubious about this product when I first received it.  But, after doing some research and having a pretty frank discussion with my hairdresser about how healthy hair is actually achieved, I’m now a Revitalash® convert.  It’s hard for me to say I’ve noticed results as I have a memory like a sieve and haven’t actually used the product daily for any period of time (more like 3 times per week), plus I actually already have quite long, full lashes anyway, but, the science makes sense.

This is not the brands description, but I see Revitalash® as a multi-vitamin serum for your lashes.  If you keep your follicles healthy it follows that you eyelashes should benefit.  Designed to combat eyelash aging and stress, Revitalash® acts to protect against breakage and brittleness plus improve flexibility moisture and shine.

I’ve found the conditioning treatment super easy to apply and use.

RevitaLash® Cosmetics are available at selected beauty therapy clinics nationwide and online at

Mummy Beauty Blogger New ZealandClinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer – RRP $46, Gifted

This colour (WOW Pop) is amazing.  Seriously, so rich and super pigmented.  It’s definitely a brave colour for me, I need to be in major babe mode to feel comfortable wearing it, but sometimes this happens…..

The addition of a primer to this new release from Clinique gives Colour Pop max staying power.  It’s also non-drying with a lovely velvet finish – which I much prefer over sticky looking lips at the moment.  Available in 16 shades, I’ve got the Nude Pop on my wish list!

Available on counter or online at Smith & Caughey’s

Estée Lauder Magic Smokey™ Powder Shadow Stick – RRP $45, Gifted

Mummy Beauty Blogger New ZealandI struggle with eyeshadow, I find it super tricky to apply and end up removing it 9/10 times.  I may be a total novice in the makeup department but I can hold a pencil, and I can use the new Magic Smokey™ Powder Shadow stick which arrives on counter next month.  This is the first time Estée Lauder have offered a powder shadow in a pencil and I’m quite sure this will become a cult favourite.  Even I can manage a smokey eye with this pencil!  

It glides on effortlessly so you can layer as little or as much as you like depending on how much coverage you want.  I’ve got the Slow Burn, which is a stunning bronze in a shimmer finish.  It’s perfect as a sheer powder for a day look, or lined along my lashes and layered to create a smokey eye for night time.

Head to an Estée counter and try this, it’s so easy you’ll love it!

Available on counter August 2015 or online at Smith & Caughey’s.

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation – RRP $62, GiftedMummy Beauty Blogger New Zealand

I’ve already reviewed this black box of perfection so if you missed it, take a look here 


If you would like to win a Karen Murrell Lipstick in this months featured colour – Fuchsia Shock, just comment below with which product has piqued your interest.  I’ll draw the winner on Sunday 12th July.  Good luck!