It’s here! It’s here!

The first Christmas Post of the year!!!  Excited much? Mark your calendars, for today the 3rd of December is the all-time Melissa’s Best Day of 2009 Winner.  Don’t ask why, just tip your cans and wine glasses and give us a big ol cyber hug! Thanks. Now, on to Christmas.  I started and finished ALL of Ethan’s shopping today with …

Christmas Day at Mum & Dad’s

After breakfast we loaded up and headed out to the farm where Mum and Dad were hosting Christmas Lunch for the whole Godfrey clan.  We had such a mint day, the weather was awesome, the house was perfect for lunch for so many people, the kids had a blast playing together and Hadyn was there!  Pefecto!  Thanks Mum, you did …

Santa got it just right!

A 5.55am start saw us revelling in the Christmas spirit bright and early and it was worth it.  Ethan was so sweet and excited, he gave Louie, Dave and I our gifts before he even though about tackling the large mound under the tree. Ethan wasn’t too impressed that Santa did not eat all of his homemade shortbread! Follow

Christmas Eve

After a lovely traditional turkey dinner Ethan set out his cookies for Santa, and a carrot (just one) for the reindeer and headed quietly to bed.  Perhaps the hype of the last few days before Christmas had wore him out as he fell asleep so quickly….hmmm what time will wake-up be in the morning? Follow

Kindy Christmas Party

This years Christmas Party was much better than the last.  Ethan was under no pressure to dress-up as a King and perform in a pageant so there were no last minute costume changes with screams of “I want to dress up as ETHAN JACK not a king!!”  See below; 2008 The clown was a source of great worry for Ethan, …

Ethan Writes his Christmas Cards

Ethan took this job very seriously but also really enjoyed writing every single card.  Writing 14 Christmas Cards is no easy feat for a four year old but he took his time and was very proud of what he achieved; Follow

Christmas Party with Nana

Guess what Ethan wants for Christmas? Oh golly, one jumped onto my lap and I had to pick it up to get it off me! Making GIANT bubbles! Riding the train with all of the very special kids at the Wilson Centre Follow

Ethan’s Message to Santa

Dear Santa Santa, I want you to come to my house.  I want you to bring me heaps of presents.  I would like Santa to bring Lou-Bear a bone. Santa, I want you to play with me. Love from Ethan Jack Follow