Daily Look | The Best Nest

I know when you’re outside, looking in, other people’s lives can often appear to be a collection of perfectly styled images on Instagram, strung together in a series of well timed moments and effortless outfits.

This is the real deal.  Perhaps my favorite image of one of my sons and I.  Me in my hand-me-down dressing gown from my mum, odd mismatched pajamas, at least one dog always by my side, the general mess and disarray of Nixon’s room {this is all usually shoved out of shot when I’m shooting in here!} and the reason we are sitting and reading?  Mega-tantrums from the moment Nix awoke.  On repeat.  All day.

Welcome to my life, it’s just like yours really.

Daily Look | Second Breakfast

Both our kids are BIG fans of second breakfasts.  If Nix has had porridge or eggs for breakfast he’ll devour a small smoothie in a mini milk bottle at about 9am.  At least if he starts the day with THIS much goodness in him I don’t stress too much about the amount he eats at dinner – which is when the wheels fall off lol.

Daily Look | The Big Brother Factor

This is a familiar scene at our house.  We are committed to having an open house policy for our boys and their friends, I mean, at Ethan’s age he’s much happier with his friends around and that makes my life easier so everyone wins.  Nixon, adores the big boys and they love him right back – at the moment anyway!

Daily Look | Winter is Coming

I snapped this photo four days ago.  Just looking at it makes me shiver under my woollen jumper, full length tights, fuzzy socks and nana blanket.  Dave has started prepping a section of our yard for a wee makeover.  It’s going to require a digger and a roller and lots of dirt, mud and rocks.  If Nixon had any idea of what lies ahead he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

But for now.  Cold.

Daily Look | Nixon’s Room

Almost two years on I still love this wee nursery.  I was laughing with some girlfriends the other night about the state of it though.  What you don’t see in this image is the gnawed, beaver tracks on the cot rails –  Nixon is THAT child in every possible way!  It will be time for a makeover soon though, as we move on from changing tables etc and make way for some more Big Boy furniture.  That gorgeous, snuggly bear blanket?  Kmart $7.  What the?!  I know, I couldn’t leave the store without it.