Dave Jack Does Paris

Another update from Dave, love this one!

Hello my beautiful wife,

Well after I got done talking to you this morning I packed my bag and made a plan. The plan was to go to see Jim Morrison’s grave and then make my way back to the hotel on foot and I should see a lot more this way. I found the nearest train station and started to buy my ticket across town, I must have looked like a pro because a lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked me for help on buying the right ticket! I pretended to not speak English and helped her buy the right ticket, I got a real big kick out of this ha ha! So after I pretended to be French I jumped on the train and headed to see good old Jim. Got there and made it to the grave site in minutes, standing there at his grave I had this funny feeling something is not right, then it hit me, here’s a dead rock star and I don’t have a beer in my hand. So always paying attention to my surroundings I remembered there was a grocery store about a block down the street. I ran down down the street and grabbed a beer and a sandwich, if you notice in the picture I grabbed the one that had the NZ name export 33 just had to represent. So back at Jimbo’s grave drinking my beer and taking it all in, not very peaceful as there are tons and tons of people walking by every minute, but still really cool. As the beer kicks in and I think to my self “Dave you are going to jump this fence and get a picture standing next to the grave”. So now I have a mission, like clock work this guy stand beside me and asks me to take a picture of him and his girl, I do then I hand him my camera and say your turn. As soon as he grabs the camera I turn around and jump the fence the crowd of people go ahh, I run up to the grave turn around and give him the thumbs up! The picture does not look the greatest but hey I touched Jimbo’s grave!! So I got that out of my system looked at some other famous dead people then I was out. Heading to see Notre Dame and what ever else I run into. I see a lot of cool things along the way and I try to eat as much as I can too. So get to Notre Dame and it’s pretty amazing. From the direction I walked I saw the back first, I crossed the bridge and headed around to the front. There was this cool place to take a picture of it from the side, so I walked up and proceeded to take a picture. It could of been my beer buzz but I did not see the top model crew setting up to take pictures of some chick. I was standing with a lot of other people taking pictures then these girls asked us if we could move. I started laughing and told the chick that they would have to wait to shoot there new postcard as this was a public place. The photographer heard me and man did he go wild ha ha ha I guess he was not making a postcard, yes I am a dick. So I moved on, bought a lot of gifts for the team along the way. Crossing the bridge to the Louvre I bought a lock and locked on the bridge, it says Dave +Melissa and like us it is not going anywhere, so when we make it back to France I will show you. So the outside of the Louvre is crazy, it’s getting late so I find the entrance and charge it. I go down the the stairs and right when I get to the ticket booth the lady puts the close sign up…fuck. So as I walk away I see one of the ticket girls and say I just missed out bummer and then for some reason I say “Go the All Blacks!” She looks at me and says “just you!” I nod, she grabs my hand pulls me through the crowd and gives me this ticket and says “we will get you next time” and winks. So sweet I am in! I look at the map and walk as fast as I can to the Mona Lisa as I figure I don’t have much time and I better see that. I make it Yus!! I take some pictures of it then a nice couple ask me if I will take picture of them, so then they took a picture of me perfect!! So now I am done legs burning as I sit at the hotel….. We are coming here next year I want to show you that lock! Xxx Ooo20120927-205704.jpg20120927-205731.jpg

Good Thing Bad Thing | Dave Jack, International man of Mystery

Dave Jack has been away for a month today. Obviously this is not ideal when you have a family but you have to look on the bright side.

  • Good thing: Dave has been to Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Lyon, Grenoble, Paris and Zurich has just been added to his itinery.
  •  Bad thing: I am so happy for him and proud of him but if I’m going to be honest I am also insanely envious.
  • Good thing: we are coping fine
  •  Bad thing: I know Dave has had some bad spells of homesickness
  • Good thing: I have kept myself busy while he has been gone
  •  Bad thing: mostly this has been with shopping $$$$
  • Good thing: Dave has bought us lots of lovely presents
  • Bad thing: these presents include a commemorative ABBA plate
  • Good thing: Dave is eating lots of amazing food
  • Bad thing: he’s not cooking for us anymore
  • Good thing: we’ve been able to FaceTime in every country
  • Bad thing: I miss the IPad {I’m a brat I know}
  • Good thing: Louie the Shi Tzu has been keeping me company in bed
  • Bad thing: Three’s a crowd, where will Dave sleep when he gets home?
  • Good thing: When you add in our America trip, Dave Jack pretty much missed all of shitty winter
  • Bad thing: Who am I kidding, there is nothing bad about that!
  • Good thing: only two more weeks to g0
  • Bad thing: Still two more weeks to go!

We miss you so much Dave xx

Dave Jack

Saturday in Milan

I woke up this morning to a lovely email from Dave so thought I would share….

Well my day today was a good as it can get without you and the boy, let me give you a recap. Started off early this morning looking for a place to clean my clothes, thought I had it covered because the girl at the front desk circled a spot on my map so I headed that way. When I got there it was a drop off dry cleaning place.  Being stubborn like I am I was not going to drop off my clothes because I wanted to wash them my self. So before I left I noticed a street fair in the plaza across the way so I figured I should check it out seeing as what else do I have to do!  Being very early not all the vendors where set up so it was a little quiet, but I did find those amazing plates and a stand that sold cookies by weight, that was my favourite spot.  I wished Ethan was there with me so he could help me fill my bag up with all these amazing cookies, don’t worry Ethan I got a lot and ate enough for both of us. So full of cookies and plenty of time  to spare I jumped in the Panda {Dave’s rental car} as I was off to clean these clothes no matter what.

I drove all around the city with no luck so I decided to go to the next town over. When I thought all was lost at a red light I look over and notice this little clothes washing shop that said self service in the window!!!!! I got so excited I almost ran the red light. I quickly parked the car and walked in, there was a big Italian woman behind the counter and only one washer and one dryer in the shop, they were empty and I ran over trying to read the Italian the best I could to figure out how to work the machine. The big lady walked over and started talking to me trying to tell me how to operate the machine but as I don’t understand Italian and I quickly found out she could not speak English we started to play charades.  It was fun and funny and the big lady kept making fun of me but we got there in the end and my clothes are washed. So after that I went back to the hotel and put all my clothes away and decided that today I was just going to hang around the little city I am in and go back to that street fair and look around more.

I found out this place has bikes you can borrow for free so I got all set up and ran down stairs to grab a bike. Well of course with my luck all of the bike tires are completely flat except for one, it was just half way flat. So I figure with my my skills I should just take the one with the half way flat tires and just fill it up at the gas station no big deal right???? No, it’s a big deal because in Italy they use two different size fittings for bikes and cars so no luck there. With sweat pouring down my face and less air in the tires than I started with I sit on the curb of the gas station try to think my way out of this. Then I remember, when I was at the street fair the very first stall was selling bikes, if I could only get that far I bet they would have a pump that would work. So with determination I slowly start way way towards the centre city and about 6km later I make it it was a rough ride and my bottom is still a little sore but I am there and just like I thought they have a pump. So with a smile on my face I bike around the whole city taking pictures and just taking it all in. I ended up back at the street fair where I had a late lunch and a cold beer. Plus I got a little gift for Ethan and my baby! I love you guys tons and wish you where here with me team Jack rules!!!!!!!


Bicycle in Milan

Friday love

Lawn mowed, weed eating done time to weekend!  Mum and I busted ass this afternoon and got our outside chores out of the way before the inevitable rain returns.

September, like every other month this year is just flying by.  I get to the end of the week to write these posts and look in my camera roll, for the first time ever I am struggling to remember to take pictures even!

I have snapped a few though, and have found a couple from Dave’s iPad that have ended up on our photo stream – he is now in Milan, MUCH happier than he was in Rome.

The Block is over but our own reno has kicked into gear again this week.  The laundry’s makeover has finally begun – floor to ceiling cupboards are being built to fill in the big waste of space that is our laundry/thoroughfare through the house.  Can’t wait for all of that extra storage!  I also {finally} made a decision on the ventilation system, so a Mitsubishi Lossnay system is going in next Friday, and we have signed off on the water/sewer/drainlaying quote so we are soon about to be very broke.


Also loving surprise packages thanks to being a mummy blogger!  More on that later….


This Chinese Elm side cabinet is perfect, but I want it for a TV cabinet.  What do we think?  I’m loving it, the price is better than the ‘new’ option I’m also considering, but I think I’m put off by the sheer mass of it.  It is a serious piece of furniture.


Though Lou has been a particularly Bad Dog this week, I adore this picture of Ethan and his pup.  This is the ‘before’ shot.  Lou was outside the groomer and looks like a yeti no longer.  Spring cleaning includes the dogs in this house!


Loving catching little glimpses of Dave’s European Adventure through my photo stream.  How rico suave is this little hotel snack?

Daves Italian Hotel Dinner

This pic also appeared in the photo stream, sneaky Dave taking screen shots of us chatting.  We miss you SO much!  22 days to go x


Things I’m Loving is hosted by Meghan at MNM’s

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

This is what 'socialist' medicine looks like

What I had suspected was a particularly nasty case of Man-Flu has turned out to be a bit more serious as Dave is now into his 24th hour in residence at North Shore hospital. Maybe it’s his appendix maybe it’s giardia WE JUST DON’T KNOW. I wish someone would figure it out. We are visiting him at the moment and Ethan is alternating between being fine and getting really upset about his daddy having to stay here .
Dave’s amazing optimistic attitude keeps shining through – he can’t believe that this is the reality of free health care. It really makes you wonder what all of those rednecks are fussing about.

Daddy and Ethan geeking in hospital PIC132

Melissa & Dave's Yearly Excursion Out Late at Night


I was on my way home from a fab Cocktails & Canapes Baby Shower last night when Dave called from work and said he had finished early and why didn’t I join him for a going away party for one of the staff at the bar.

Twist my rubber arm.

Some observations from the evening;

  • Jason Mraz impersonators may strike at any time, complete with full gesticulating dance moves and a flawless performance fully focused on the mini-skirted, pool-playing hottie he is trying to bed.  Mraz impersonators are oblivious to the stares and admiration of others, when I’m Yours plays, they are in the zone.
  • Random chick I may or may not know “That girl is way too tall for that dress, someone should tell her” Me “You’re way too tall for your skirt and you’re a midget.  Bad outfits are contagious around this place”
  • A covers band that plays Toto, Kenny Loggins, Dire Straights, Oasis and many other pearls may sound like a good idea at the time, but calls many strange creatures out into the night.  Some who answered the call of 80’s synth-pop have never been seen before on the North Shore.  Awe-inspiring people watching.
  • Smokers are incredibly rude and loser-y.  Major social fail.
  • 18 is way too young to be out in a bar with Mraz impersonators and shock-and-awe creatures of the night
  • Supre has a lot to answer for, dressing girls like K Road hookers lost in time IS NOT FASHIONABLE people

The Snapper Haul

Dave and E went fishing with Mikey and Gemma today and came home with a bin FULL of big fish.

Ethan reeled in his biggest fish yet, an impressive 8 pound snapper – hooked and brought to the boat all by himself, I think today was the best day of his life!  He caught 3 keepers (all snapper) and one jack mackerel that was used as live bait.

Oddly enough he was most impressed with Daddy’s Kahawai and wouldn’t put the fish down, we were surprised that he actually let Daddy and Grandad fillet it!

My Guys Rip

We spent Sunday morning at the beach out west and both boys were charging!

Ethan has been riding without training wheels for just three weeks now and he charged the BMX track – HARD!  Louie was always right there to lend Ethan some moral support and add difficulty as a moving obstacle if Ethan was going a little too fast!

     Muriwai 012Muriwai 035Muriwai 204Muriwai 215   Muriwai 146  

Muriwai 248 Muriwai 124Muriwai 294

Bike Repair, who can complain though with the beach right there! 180 hippy jump for the kids

Muriwai 316Muriwai 323Muriwai 133

Muriwai 046family