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Dog kisses baby

Second-hand dog discovers we have a baby!

Louie, our big Shi-Tzu, noticed we had a baby a few months ago and seems to have taken on the role of Baby’s Guard Dog without much hesitation.  Dash is a bit of a ‘special’ dog and likes to take his time with things.  He has refused to acknowledge Nixon until today, when I happened to notice that he was …


We Have Four Dogs | Meet Molly the Border Collie

  Molly is our Big Girl.  The one female in the unruly pack of four.  She lived her puppy days on Mum and Dad’s 5 acre block chasing motorbikes and woofing at generators – actually she woofs at any pump, power tool, lawnmower, weed-eater, can of fly spray …….. She is big and sweet and hairy and puts up with …