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This is a familiar scene at our house.  We are committed to having an open house policy for our boys and their friends, I mean, at Ethan’s age he’s much happier with his friends around and that makes my life easier so everyone wins.  Nixon, adores the big boys and they love him right back – at the moment anyway!

Happy Birthday Freya!

Ethan and I had the pleasure of spending Miss Freya’s Very Special 6th Birthday with her last week.  She got her splendid new pink cast put on in the morning….and then we kicked off Freya’s Special Day with lunch.  Her choice, of course, but it was an easy win for The Happy Meal.  Ethan didn’t seem to mind!

After lunch we went present shopping and Freya picked out two new cuddly puppies to add to her menagerie.  We then headed home where she tore off her jacket and cardy and insisted Ethan be the first to sign his life away the new cast.  The kids had a lovely afternoon doing arts and craft, digging in the mud, watching movies and devouring punnets of strawberries.  Freya relaxed on the couch with her bowl of strawberries and took time out while her pedicure was drying and I finished up her birthday cake (of which I am most proud.  It was my first ever ‘little girl’ cake!).

We love you so much Freya, thanks for hanging out with us on your birthday xxxx

Indoor Rock Climbing

One of Ethan’s mates turned 5 on Saturday and had his party at Clip ‘n’ Climb on Dominion Rd.  Dave did the honours and the boys had an amazing time, Ethan has not stopped raving about it and how high he is going to climb next time he goes.  And we are definitely going back, I can’t believe I didn’t go – how much fun does this look?

IMG_7059 IMG_7036 IMG_7037 IMG_7044 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7050 IMG_7051 IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7058

Sleepover at the Farm

Freya stayed the night after disco fever hit on Friday.  It was awesome – but tiring – but awesome.  They are such an old-married couple already, they squabble tell each other the lay of the land, stick their bottom lips out for about 5 seconds then work on a compromise together.  It’s freaking hilarious to watch.

Dave overheard this conversation in the back seat on the way to soccer

Freya: “You know I’m older than you Ethan.  I will ALWAYS be older than you”

Ethan: “Yes, but I am going to be 5 soon”

Freya: “That’s nice but what this means is that I am going to be an adult BEFORE you”

Ethan: “I will grow up you know, I don’t even wear diapers at night anymore!”

Freya: “That’s very good.  But even though I am going to be an adult BEFORE you I am going to wait for you and then when you are an adult………we can get married!”.

Ethan: “There’s a cow… MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.


    IMG_6382  IMG_6384  IMG_6386 IMG_6387 IMG_6388 IMG_6389  IMG_6391 IMG_6392          IMG_6402   IMG_6405

Friday Night @ The Club

I got to go out on the town last night without Dave for the first time in forever.  I was in good company though;


As you can see, everyone had their best ‘rave’ outfits on, complete with glow sticks, flashing necklaces and finger flashlights;

IMG_6351 IMG_6376

We ate at a fancy restaurant where we all had to act very posh


The club was pumping with awesome lights and special effects – the bubble machine was going off!  Freya had all the best moves;IMG_6357

I kind of felt like the third wheel – awkward!


But Ethan introduced me to one of his mates to even out the numbers;

IMG_6364 Club Queen Freya was fading fast so it was time to call it a night-  look at those bedroom eyes!

Saturday / Sunday

We tried to cram as much as possible into this weekend – it was busy but it was fun.

Saturday morning began with soccer – it was a white-wash with Ethan scoring our teams only goal, but what a goal it was; he had the throw in, chased it and scored!  No-one else even touched the ball…..ahhh preschool sports are hilarious!

The we had a visit from Abby, Jesse and Riley.  It was such a pretty day, we had so much fun playing outside.  I loved it because I played with Riley heaps, something I have not been able to do yet. 

After lunch we headed over to Debbie and Nicks where I washed my car (we are on tank water so I made good use of their city supply), and Dave got busy with the chainsaw and chopped some firewood for the fam.  It was awesome for Ethan to have some QT with Freya, they haven’t had a good play for ages and they played with their ‘puppies’ and played restaurants for ages it was lovely;

God I love these two together, they are so sweet to each other, but funny and silly and neither of them takes any crap from the other – fiery springs to mind!  To top off a lovely visit, we had the first BBQ of the non-winter season, it was awesome as per usual at The Rhodes house.


Today we popped out of bed and headed outside to deal with the playhouse.  Dave laid new decking where there was none, added a safety rail (it’s a very high playhouse!), built a new ladder, and I put safety mesh where there was none and began cleaning the inside.  It is so awesome!  Ethan had the best day.  When I pulled out the play kitchen and we saw everything needed a wash, I gave him a bucket of water and told him to get to work.  I think this was his favourite part of the day – washing the dishes for his new house.  Needless to say, when we knocked off work at 5pm a soak in the hot-tub and a well earned cocktail were in order!  Ethan also anointed himself Chicken Whisperer.  After seeing his Daddy catch the chicken yesterday, he chased chickens all day and was so proud when he climbed back up the hill with a fat chicken in his hands!

Friday Friends

I love spontaneous visits, love pop-ins and impromptu get-togethers.  These social gems don’t happen too much now that we live in the sticks, but today the sun and stars were aligned and Kris and I chatting on the phone led to a visit from her and her rad boys.  I love these pics, late afternoon sun makes beautiful children MORE beautiful!

Ethans face totally gives him away here I really want that fish, but Im doing what she tells me, IM SHARING, but hes not even 2, should I take him down?
Ethan's face totally gives him away here "I really want that fish, but I'm doing what she tells me, I'M SHARING, but he's not even 2, should I take him down?"