A random assortment…..

Redneck Hedge trimming   “Hey Dave, why don’t you go and weed-eat the neighbours bamboo while she’s out.  It’s bugging me.  Thanks.” We grow really big, yummy beans My friends have really cute kids Ethan is so smart, I’m just going to say it.  Follow

New Years Eve Part 2

Just to keep tradition alive (2007 pics here), we headed down to Waiake Beach again for another picnic dinner, this year with the Rhodes Family.  It was a beautiful evening, the kids and dogs had so much fun.  When it got dark we pulled the wagon back up the hill to Nick and Debbie’s house to see in the New …

The Big Sleepover

Ethan and Freya had their first ever sleepover at our house on Friday night, we didn’t have any expectations as neither of them had ever had a friend over for the night before and Freya had never slept anywhere other than her own bed.  But they were such good kids.  They dragged out bedtime a little, but we expected that.  …

Freya's 5th Birthday Disco

Ethan’s bestest girl Freya turns 5 tomorrow and we all had a wicked time ather Disco party. Ethan swore black and blue that he wasn’t going to dance,but he shook his little booty for two hours straight! Follow

Playday with Freya

You can only imagine the ‘deep’ conversation going on here, I’m pretty sure they were discussing the merits of drinking juice out of a box without a straw!         Louie is always right in the mix!                   Ethan picking flowers for his ladies             …

Jo's 30th Birthday

We had such a great time last night celebrating with Jo and her family.  It’s pretty cool to have been friends with someone since you were 12 and then drink to their 30th with them!  Love you Jojo!     Follow

Sun, Sun, Sun!!!!

Jesse, Ethan, Lou and I had a great morning at Long Bay on Monday and made the most of the glorious sun! Check out the HUGE wood pigeon in the gum tree outside our lounge! Follow