Tonga – Day 5

Though we weren’t at the beach, Friday was one of the most special days of the trip.  Two of the cooks at the resort, Betsy and Latu told us about how Ha’apai would be grinding to a halt on Friday as it was Sports Day – the 6 or so primary schools were having the Athletics Day at Ha’apai High.  …

Tonga – Day 4

Thursday was the hottest and most beautiful day thus far.  Not a cloud in the sky, and we made the most of it.  We were swimming by 8.30am!  Ethan had made friends with a lovely little guy called Harrison who kindly lent him his inflatable boat, so we all just hung out, snorkled, and got really brown!  We had an …

Tonga – Day 3

On Wednesday Dave set up one of the fabulous beachcrusiers with the toddler seat and we set of to explore the islands.   This is a great map showing the Ha’apai group of islands which are located in the middle of The Kingdom of Tonga.  Tongatapu is to the south and the island chain of Vava’u is to the north.  …

Tonga – Day 2

Tuesday dawned as hot, sunny and picture perfect as Monday, so after a nice sleep in we headed back to the beach in front of the resort, for swimming, kayaking and fishing; and that is all we did all day!  Dave caught a rock cod which was very exciting and we had lobster for dinner!!!      Follow

Louie's Vacation

While the rest of his family were relaxing in Tonga, Captain Lou vacationed in tropical Waimauku with Nana, Grandad and Molly-dog.  When Dave and I saw these pics we couldn’t help but laugh….he is a menace! Follow

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Tonga – Day 1

After a very early start (4am) amidst the worst rainstorm Auckland had seen since last winter, we were on the plane and Ethan was enjoying the first marvelous wonder of our Tongan holiday – “breakfast on a plane, how strange!”. It was a short easy flight, 2.5 hrs to Tongatapu, the main island in the Tongan Kingdom. In what we …

Preparing for Tonga

7 more sleeps!Ethan is preparing for the Tongan Trench, he has been diving with ‘incredible animals’ (Louie) all night. Follow

Summer Camping Trip

Camping at Mangowhai Heads – round 2! We stayed for 5 days this time and were the ONLY campers there! So the prime beachfront site was ours for some lovely peace and quiet. Follow