The Pain of Teething

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Nixon has had to deal with more pain in his short life than I can even imagine.  Before his diagnosis with Hirschprungs Disease, the first year of his life must have been so uncomfortable.  His inability to poop on his own meant that there was always some procedure or other we had to put him through which was pretty awful for him and us both.  He’s had doctors rummaging around in his abdomen on multiple occasions, removing the bits of his large intestine that didn’t work, replumbing him and then recovering from the whole ordeal, which took six hours in the operating room! {you can catch up on Nixon’s Hirschsprungs journey here and here}.  It almost seems cruel that after such an unusual and difficult start to life our little trooper would be hit so hard by teething pain.  Our happy-go-lucky baby was seemingly transformed overnight into a miserable, clingy, super needy little ball of tears – after a couple of days and sleepless nights I was feeling much the same way!  I knew it was teeth, he had all of the classic signs {check teething symptoms} and the only thing providing short term, temporary relief was breast-feeding.  

After Nix was taken off the opiates post-op, Nurofen was prescribed to manage his pain.  I find personally that Ibuprofen is more effective than paracetamol and I can see that the same is true for Nixon, he coped beautifully at home and we were able to keep him comfortable without too much trouble.  I medicate the kids so sparingly that sometimes I have to be reminded to do it, luckily my Mum was on hand when Nix was really beginning to struggle with his teeth and reminded me to “get that boy some medicine!”.  We fully use natural remedies when we can, I love Nixie’s amber beads, I do believe they have helped so much with his pain but some days the rumbling in his gums has just been too acute to let him suffer through.

Thankfully we are in a teething lull at the moment, but those big molars will be on the move in the next few months so we are prepared!

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