Louie 1 – Jack people 0

I wonder what it says about you if you fancy-schmancy silly dog wins a battle of the wills over you?  Louie has been protesting his Tux biscuits for a while now gradually taking longer and longer to eat them, culminating in a total biscuit strike that started in the weekend.  He will eat his meat, of course, so he wasn’t …


Louie has discovered the joys of the breeze in his hair! Follow

Interesting ways to break our backs #5

Ethan made up this game, it’s aptly named "Bouncing on Knees" and involves Dave hopping on one foot, whilst Ethan rides on his knee and Lou-bear clings to his foot, really funny to watch! Follow

Louie gets a trim & a sweater

The dog had too much fur, it dragged on the ground and it doesn’t appear as if his legs are getting any longer – so Dave trimmed him up.  Nothing crazy, no highlights or anything, just a number four all over, and a new sweater so he doesn’t get cold! Follow