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Daily Look | From Behind the Camera

Daily Look | From Behind the Camera

After we had finished exploring the Auckland Domain E asked if he could take some pictures as we made our way back to the car.  “PLEASE TAKE THE CAMERA!” I was screaming inside as I was trying to wrangle a very tired wee Nixie and get him back to the truck with only the one huge bump to the head……don’t ask.

So, yes Ethan shot this amazeballs pic in AV mode.  Kids are rad.


Nothing to see here, move on


Today I hung the washing out in the sunshine, listening to an Oprah and Deepak meditation on my phone {no, for real I was! check it here}.

And then it hailed.

I spent 10 minutes changing the baby’s diaper, blow drying his bum and gently applying lotions to his poor bleeding skin.

And then he poohed within 2 minutes of setting him down. {This happened about 12 times today actually}.  

I took a shower for the first time in two days and was reminded what a hassle it actually was. Being clean meant that I was then required to brush my hair and put moisturiser on etc and LOOK AT ALL THAT DIRTY LAUNDRY I JUST MADE!  Due to my nekid-face-state I was blindly slapping on some BB cream and bronzer, spilt the BB cream on my sweatshirt, washed that off then dropped the bronzer compact on the tiles where it of course shattered into a million powdery pieces much to Nixon’s delight.  It was just one of those days – and it’s my blog so I can whinge and stomp my feet if I want to, right?.

I didn’t actually have to leave the house until 3pm today when we went to swimming lessons, but the list of things to do before them seemed to grow every second so that my mind was spinning and I felt like I actually might get none of said things ticked off the mental list.  {The cookies didn’t get baked until 8.30pm but huzzah!  We have fresh cookies!}.

>>>>  This leads to something I can’t get out of my head; a former colleagues wife asked me after Nixon was born “so, what do you actually do all day?”.  And you know what?  I couldn’t think of a damn thing to say.  Seriously, surely as a second time stay at home Mum I must have some clue as to what I do between the hours of 5am and 5pm?  I just gawked at her with a blank stare so, so surprised that anyone would ever ask a Mum of a young child such a stupid question.  Everyone knows all we do is wait for Ellen to come on and read Home & Garden while sipping Nespresso right?


I was just walking by the computer and read an email, which led me to a new blog, which even though it ain’t pretty is full of some awesome content, and COMMENTS {remember them?  hello?  anyone out there?} and made me think, “wtf am I doing?” and why am I doing it so obviously wrong?  and who are all of these bloggers that I don’t know?”.  Is there now an Old School vs New School mummy blogger thing going on?  Have we who have been rumbling around these familiar blogs for years and years been laid out to pasture?  I don’t know.

So, if any one you have discovered a wondrous new blog of late please share!  And maybe you’ll come back again another day?  If I promise to stop complaining? {You all have days like these too, yes?}.




Some days it’s hard to be a Mummy & other days you were right all along

Some days it’s hard to be a Mummy & other days you were right all along

I started writing a post on Sunday night after a very ‘ordinary’ day.  Don’t judge – this is life people, this is really how I felt, I am a great mother, a fabulous mother even but on Sunday I felt ordinary, acted ordinary and was definitely an ordinary mother;

Monday is so close now that I can almost feel the barrage of ‘hurry’, ‘don’t forget….’, ‘pack this’, get out of the house and don’t return for eight long hours. I do not like this feeling. Today has been a black day.
When I struggle with Dave being away for so long, I feel like a failure, the one-child mummy that couldn’t. As if having an only child doesn’t come with allowances for bad days. Everything is easy with just one right?
I’m not busier with Dave away, I do all the Ethan toting anyway, I’m not doing more chores really, I am cooking more eggs than normal but I can handle that, I’m not lonely – I have my Mum here so adult conversation is never far away. What I am is totally wiped from the massive emotional and attention requirement that Ethan now demands from just one person. That would be me.
I just wanted to run away {from him} screaming today. Far far away and screaming so I couldn’t hear MAMA? for the millionth time in an hour. Here comes the mummy guilt again. E has quite massive OCD tendencies and these manifested all damn day today. One thing after another, beginning with googling how to take care of catfish (this incorporated water temp, filter and pump requirements blah blah blah). He wants a catfish because he is obsessed with River Monsters and the Gooch catfish in India. We are not getting a catfish or a tropical aquarium. We have a perfectly good FREE Minnow type fish called Todd that was gifted to us (complete with tank and pump) just yesterday. Pet fish – check.
This was followed by the everlasting persistent request to move the aforementioned fish tank to the office by his laptop. I wasn’t getting to this fast enough and I was nagged about this relentlessly. The final round of the day was about getting a fishing rod down from the roof of the garage so he could play with it. Again, the nagging this child can inflict is without equal. God sure must love this little try-er.

The point of me even publishing this {I wasn’t going to, it was cathartic enough just to write it} is that today I got the damn fishing rod down from the roof of the garage, I found some hardy pliers and clipped the hook off the tackle, we found a suitable grab-nabber type toy and I tied this onto the sinker.  Ethan had his rod.  He was so happy, grateful and really just plain old dee-lighted to be catching giant catfish in the front yard.

I wondered why this was too hard for me to do on Sunday?  Why I hadn’t given him the 15 minutes it took to get the rod set-up?  Mama guilt.

Ethan played happily with his rod for at least an hour, how rad is my kid, I thought.  He could have been inside watching tv, playing on the computer or his iPod.  He could have been throwing a tantrum.  Oh snap, HE IS THROWING A TANTRUM.

A massive birds nest had snarled his line and oh god the world was ending.  And that was the end of fishing on the front lawn.

I knew there was a reason why I didn’t get that fishing line down on Sunday.



Saturday Morning

No time for getting dressed, there are planes, and shields and x-wing fighters to be made!


Boys and planes

In the throes of crafts

Look at this delicious playlist, so nice.  I think we might have to buy tickets to the Wilco show at the Civic……


Summer’s finally here and it’s a hot one

……..but don’t think for a second that you might catch me complaining, I wait for 8 months of the year for this season.  I bitch and moan and detest winter and autumn because they are cold and rainy, I hate spring because it is so close to summer and often drags on far too long (like this past spring for example), so when the tar on the road is melting and the vege garden needs watering morning and night I WILL NOT COMPLAIN.

Plus we now have a pool.

Picnic anyone?

The Jack’s have splashed out and made a grown-up purchase, check out our sassy new wooden picnic table!

What a Sunday to get some new outdoor furniture!  We have just had the most gorgeous weekend after last week finished with three days of rain and heavy flooding in some areas.  Crazy weather.

Ethan tore it up at Nippers this weekend and caught some great waves on the club boogey boards whilst Daddy caught some yummy snappers on Saturday night, so our new table was christened in style!

Ethan LOVES taking photos and took these shots with the big camera, he has a good eye;

Five years married this month xxxx

Five years married this month xxxx

Christmas Post #2: The decorating. It is done.

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful….

It has now been raining for about 3 days and I’m not quite sick of it yet as I’m pretty sure I can see my veges growing from where I sit.  Yus.


Ethan had the day off school today so we shopped and made like festive shopping-type-elves and it was so much fun.  He picked out a little tree for his room and picked out all of the decorations himself.  I held my tongue as he threw the MOST garish, tinny, gold and red Santa’s in his basket.  I looked the other way as he complemented them with a whole box of ugly, cheap ‘n’ nasty ornaments and I applauded his fine taste and good eye when found a pair of jandals and his red star for the top.  He was so happy and proud of himself.  He really pulled the whole thing together when he remembered his flashing dolphin Christmas lights and added those to the mix.  His tree looks awesome!

Ethan decorates HIS tree

Ethan decorates HIS tree 2

Ethan decorates HIS tree 3

Ethan decorates HIS tree 4


So we finished that project right as Dave arrived home which was too perfect as Ethan had asked me ten bazillion times when was Daddy coming home, so we moved on to stage 2  – The Big Fake Tree.  Ethan and I decorated while Dave hung Christmas lights.

Ethan decorates the Big Fake Tree

Ethan decorates the Big Fake Tree 2

We finished up this arvo with the building of the Gingerbread House (so shoot me I BOUGHT the pack, it’s not homemade yadda yadda.  It smells divine anyway) and then an awesome Christmas roast chicken, potatoes, broccoli and corn.  Such a great afternoon!

Gingerbread House 1

Gingerbread House 2

Louie was NOT missing out on the festivities!

Gingerbread House 3

Gingerbread House 5

It’s here! It’s here!

The first Christmas Post of the year!!!  Excited much?

Mark your calendars, for today the 3rd of December is the all-time Melissa’s Best Day of 2009 Winner.  Don’t ask why, just tip your cans and wine glasses and give us a big ol cyber hug!


Now, on to Christmas.  I started and finished ALL of Ethan’s shopping today with the exception of the fish tank which is not in stock yet.  So, again, yay me.  I think even Dave is happy with the budget which is a small miracle considering my penchant for blowing exorbitant amounts of money on the little prince and Dave’s rather conservative Southern-boy expectation of acceptable amounts to spend on lil chil’ns.

After I picked Ethan up from school we headed a  l o n g way away to Christmas Wonderland for the first time – and it wasn’ t that far really.

Oh my Jesus.  Holy smokes.  That place is awesome.  There are like 160 bee-ootiful Christmas trees all decorated with different themes, some people have worked on this display for 5 months!  Imagine dedicating 5 months of your life to Christmas.  If anymore people start doing this there will be no-one left to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day and then where would we be?

So I may or may not have taken pictures.  With my camera, which is not that small (hello big ol Canon DSLR), but somehow these pics have found there way into my hands – I know people in all the right places.  This was a covert operation so there is some blur due to adjusting settings in the dark and shooting from  out of a purse which may or may not have been mine.  I have told you before, I live on the edge people.

Polar Bears & Penguins on a Christmas Tree?

Living off the land. Or trying.

I am soooooo excited about my vege garden this summer, I haven’t felt this excited since the summer of 2006 which is when we moved to opposite land and I couldn’t stop planting shit because we had a GARDEN AND WE DIDN”T LIVE IN AN APARTMENT!!!!

Anyway, here is what I have planted so far;

This thing is going off, see those lil baby zuchs!

This thing is going off, see those lil baby zuchs!

1st bedThis is the sunny bed out of the two, L to R I have, tomato, rosemary, zuch, tom, lettuce, zuch, eggplant, tom, zuch, lettuce, thyme, lettuce, capsicum x2, parsley in the herb patch and swan plant for Ethan to grow monarchs on.

2nd bedThis is the shadier bed which I have left pretty empty for the 2nd batch of seedlings coming soon.  In here I have cucumber, 4 tomato plants, zuch and scarlet runner beans.  At the back under the bird cloth are my 6 strawberry plants.

Seedling nurseryThis is my little seedling operation down at the pool shanty.  The spa is enclosed with big glass doors so it is super warm and sheltered for the babies.  In the big pot on the left is a habenero pepper which is kicking ass, more scarlet runners are in the hanging basket, the bushy pots are heaps more toms (god kows where I will put them all), then there are tonnes more capsicums, eggplants, zuchs and basil.

It has rained for almost 5 hours straight today so I can’t wait to go out tomorrow and see how much everything has grown, LOVING this time of year and loving that we have charged our planting and are looking pretty good for a fruitful harvest, if not a little late, but hey.

Tomato seedlings

“Official” First Day of School Pics

I’ve harped on enough about this already……so here’s the gallery (he looks so cute in his uniform!)

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