Happy 5th Birthday Ethan Jack

You are a star. After your 18 hour arrival into this world five years ago in California, you have certainly turned everything upside down.  You arrived early, which I was super happy about because it felt like you were getting bigger every day – it felt like there was getting less of me and more of you until eventually we …

Last Batch of Kindy Art

I’m loving the addition of the cheetahs in this lot of artwork, nice to see Ethan branching out a bit and painting something other than sharks! You can click on the images to view them in the lighbox, tres fancy I know! Follow


The nice flip-side of my darling boy growing up and starting school dawned on me today.  I mean, I realise that there are many flip-sides such as the confirmation that Dave and I have seemingly done a great job these past five years and have raised a pretty well adjusted little kid who after being at school for five minutes …

The LAST Day of kindy. Ever.

It finally arrived last Thursday, and as much as Ethan loves his kindy I couldn’t believe his excitement about leaving.  He has had the MOST fab teachers who have pushed him hard and made sure he has been completing his work and participating in everything.  I asked him what the most exciting thing about his birthday was and he replied …


Mind your step, the blog is having a makeover and everything is a bit jumbled up! I have moved to wordpress.org and have lost some pics so am trying to sort out the content as well as the aesthetic. Fingers crossed xxxx Follow