A Big Week

Ethan’s birthday week is always crazy, compounded this year by that inconvenient employment issue I have been having for the last six months….MY JOB!  I really love it actually, I just like to complain.

Lucky for Nana, Grandparents day was the day before Ethan left kindy for ever, so they got to enjoy a special day together before his departure to school.

Ethan & Nana - Grandparents Day 2009

The First Day of……


Hallejulah, OMG it finally arrived.  I love New Zealand, I love New Zealand I really do love New Zealand, but winter in Auckland sucks ass more than anywhere  else that I have ever lived (specifically Florida and San Diego – tough crowd I know).

Anywho, the sun arrived in opposite land this week and we have been loving it.  Fathers Day was on Sunday and we celebrated by taking Ethan’s training wheels of his bike.  He had it down in 2 hours!  Kid is crazy.  Our lawn is so big and flat (have I mentioned it takes 2 hours to mow the whole thing?) that we didn’t have to leave the house to find a suitable place for Ethan to practise, this was handy as it meant we didn’t have to find to-go cups for our mimosa’s!

Taking the training wheeles off!
Taking the training wheels off!

Everything is better when done in your pajamas, you understand.  What this really means is that we were talking to Ethan about taking the training wheels off, and he was all like “Yeah!  Lets do it  NOW” so we were all “OK” let’s do it, clothes can wait.

He kept saying, "isn't it amazing that I can do this, it's amazing!"
He kept saying, "isn't it amazing that I can do this, it's amazing!"

Jim had his own first on Sunday, he caught his first chicken.  Luckily Ethan was able to chicken-whisper the poor thing away from Jimbo;

Free range chickens are still a few egges short of a dozen!
Free range chickens are still a few eggs short of a dozen!

To celebrate Fathers Day the absolute best way, we had our first BBQ of the season!  Whilst cleaning the winter cobwebs off the BBQ Dave discovered that someone had moved in over winter;

New Zealand Weta

Ethan knew right away that she was a girl because of her big egg laying spike-thing coming out of her bum, and that she was scared as she was making a huge racket with her legs.  He ooohhhed and ahhhed over her for about 5 minutes than found her a new home in the dark abandoned doghouse.

I love you Dad xxxx
I love you Dad xxxx

Mum also had a first (of sorts), she caught the bike riding bug from Ethan and they rode laps around the lawn together, little Marley running alongside of course!  I don’t think she has been on a bike for years;

Mum on my Bike
Mum on my Bike

So, a little late, but there are a few firsts for Writers Prompt this week.

Family Lunch

My uber-talented little brother leaves next week for his next international mission – off to Europe to gig on a luxury cruise for 4 months.  So we had a big family GTG for him today at Mum and Dads.  I think I weight about 5kg more than I did this morning.  swear to god.

My Family Dave and I Hadyn and Dogs H and DogsMe and my nanas IMG_6261 IMG_6274 IMG_6281 IMG_6288Ethan & his Great-Grandmothers; Other-one Nana (L) & Old Nan (R)

MUM Jackfamily IMG_6308

How many dogs & Jacks can you fit in a Pulsar?

The answer is Molly, Marley, Louie, Ethan, Dave and I.  We took the pups out to Muriwai last weekend for lunch on the beach to lament the end of daylight saving and to celebrate the fact that dogs can go on the beach all day now!  Everyone had such a good time, little Marl surprised us by swimming in the rock pools and ocean – he was charging it!  Lou bear just watched the water play of course but was loving having his cuzzies from the farm to play with.

Ethan's Art Reviews, & Digger Driving

Dear Ethan, thank you for the picture of my new shed, it is ‘A Dorable’. [to quote a popular phrase]

I have sent some pictures of you driving the digger, – look at that face!

We will take it down to the paddock and move some mud soon!

I hope lou-bear is feeling better today, you need to be very kind and look after him till he gets better.

Have a good day at kindy.

Love you more, grandad and nana.