Living off the land. Or trying.

I am soooooo excited about my vege garden this summer, I haven’t felt this excited since the summer of 2006 which is when we moved to opposite land and I couldn’t stop planting shit because we had a GARDEN AND WE DIDN”T LIVE IN AN APARTMENT!!!!

Anyway, here is what I have planted so far;

This thing is going off, see those lil baby zuchs!
This thing is going off, see those lil baby zuchs!

1st bedThis is the sunny bed out of the two, L to R I have, tomato, rosemary, zuch, tom, lettuce, zuch, eggplant, tom, zuch, lettuce, thyme, lettuce, capsicum x2, parsley in the herb patch and swan plant for Ethan to grow monarchs on.

2nd bedThis is the shadier bed which I have left pretty empty for the 2nd batch of seedlings coming soon.  In here I have cucumber, 4 tomato plants, zuch and scarlet runner beans.  At the back under the bird cloth are my 6 strawberry plants.

Seedling nurseryThis is my little seedling operation down at the pool shanty.  The spa is enclosed with big glass doors so it is super warm and sheltered for the babies.  In the big pot on the left is a habenero pepper which is kicking ass, more scarlet runners are in the hanging basket, the bushy pots are heaps more toms (god kows where I will put them all), then there are tonnes more capsicums, eggplants, zuchs and basil.

It has rained for almost 5 hours straight today so I can’t wait to go out tomorrow and see how much everything has grown, LOVING this time of year and loving that we have charged our planting and are looking pretty good for a fruitful harvest, if not a little late, but hey.

Tomato seedlings

A little reflection on the days tweets

I read an update on twitter today, thought ‘ho hum’ and obviously filed it away until my brain was ready to process it.  Well I was ready to think about it when I was driving home from netball this evening.

Here’s the tweet

Beenie Man kicked off BDO line-up

Soooo…..a little background.

Dance Hall artist Beenie Man has been scratched form this years Big Day Out line-up because of his homophobic antagonistic lyrics.  Gay rights activists launched a FB campaign, got some publicity and the promoters pulled old Beenie Man.

What I find ironic or moronic about the tweet by djsevere is his indignation at ‘conservative’ New Zealand.  Ummmm, I could be wrong but in my experience it’s the homophobes of the world who are generally classed as the conservatives in ANY equation.  My hash tags would be #headdesk #fail @djsevere.


This is what 'socialist' medicine looks like

What I had suspected was a particularly nasty case of Man-Flu has turned out to be a bit more serious as Dave is now into his 24th hour in residence at North Shore hospital. Maybe it’s his appendix maybe it’s giardia WE JUST DON’T KNOW. I wish someone would figure it out. We are visiting him at the moment and Ethan is alternating between being fine and getting really upset about his daddy having to stay here .
Dave’s amazing optimistic attitude keeps shining through – he can’t believe that this is the reality of free health care. It really makes you wonder what all of those rednecks are fussing about.

Daddy and Ethan geeking in hospital PIC132

Melissa & Dave's Yearly Excursion Out Late at Night


I was on my way home from a fab Cocktails & Canapes Baby Shower last night when Dave called from work and said he had finished early and why didn’t I join him for a going away party for one of the staff at the bar.

Twist my rubber arm.

Some observations from the evening;

  • Jason Mraz impersonators may strike at any time, complete with full gesticulating dance moves and a flawless performance fully focused on the mini-skirted, pool-playing hottie he is trying to bed.  Mraz impersonators are oblivious to the stares and admiration of others, when I’m Yours plays, they are in the zone.
  • Random chick I may or may not know “That girl is way too tall for that dress, someone should tell her” Me “You’re way too tall for your skirt and you’re a midget.  Bad outfits are contagious around this place”
  • A covers band that plays Toto, Kenny Loggins, Dire Straights, Oasis and many other pearls may sound like a good idea at the time, but calls many strange creatures out into the night.  Some who answered the call of 80’s synth-pop have never been seen before on the North Shore.  Awe-inspiring people watching.
  • Smokers are incredibly rude and loser-y.  Major social fail.
  • 18 is way too young to be out in a bar with Mraz impersonators and shock-and-awe creatures of the night
  • Supre has a lot to answer for, dressing girls like K Road hookers lost in time IS NOT FASHIONABLE people

First Day of Surf Lifesaving

It was a gorgeous day today and the little Tadpole was so excited – he wore his wettie and clubbie beanie all the way to the beach! E’s coach decided after the session that he needs to move up a grade with the older kids to give him a bit of a challenge so we will see how that goes next week. It was such a lovely family morning but Louie has been kicked off the team, he kept slipping his collar and running for the dunes. Not a fan of 6ft+ waves is our dog.
We finished off the morning at The Coatesville Market where we hunted for candy apples and Maori bread, Louie enjoyed this part of the day much more.  Click to enlarge images

Toffee Apple @ The Coatesville Market

The Snapper Haul

Dave and E went fishing with Mikey and Gemma today and came home with a bin FULL of big fish.

Ethan reeled in his biggest fish yet, an impressive 8 pound snapper – hooked and brought to the boat all by himself, I think today was the best day of his life!  He caught 3 keepers (all snapper) and one jack mackerel that was used as live bait.

Oddly enough he was most impressed with Daddy’s Kahawai and wouldn’t put the fish down, we were surprised that he actually let Daddy and Grandad fillet it!

How is this fair?

  003You were only with us for one night Ducky but we all loved you so much (except for Louie).    We all wanted you to get strong and well so bad that it’s hard not to cry even though you were just a lost little duckling Ethan found on the lawn.  That’s what makes it even sadder.  Ethan has cried a million tears  this afternoon and is terrified that he might forget his little duckling, though he has promised to pick Jan’s flowers every day to lay on your grave and make mudpies for you as well as he thinks you might like those.  He is suitably worried about how God is going to get you to heaven now that you are buried, but ‘The Fairies will help’ has eased his worries for the time being.

Everything is shit today, and a precious little ray of light that made us all happy getting snuffed out just compounds the shit-i-ness.  Are there enough happy pills?  I don’t know.

Is this New Zealands finest twitter moment?

Outrageous Fortune on Twitter

The Outrageous Fortune final was last night and it was insanely insane.  The ending was the ultimate cliffhanger (Pascalle or Sheryl?) and as a result Twitter exploded.  #outrageous quickly became a trending topic followed by Outrageous Fortune.  Two New Zealand topics in the top 5 trending topics!  Madness, fly the flag OF!

You can watch the now infamous episode here for the nest 7 days, swear to god that typo was unintentional, but fitting)