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My Baby is two! Happy Birthday Nixie xx

Two years after a baby is born, they turn two.  Strange but true. What you never expect is just how quickly this happens, how every day feels like they were just born yesterday, like you just woke up and became a mother of two boys um ………. last week wasn’t it? I called Nix Baby Hippo before he was born …

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Acquisitions | SwimFin Swimming Aid + Giveaway

Learning to swim and learning at an early age is non-negotiable in our house.  Ethan is now 10 1/2 and has been in lessons since he was 3 months old – kid is a fish!  Nix began a little later but is now doing really well in the pool (and I’ll be doing really well as soon as he graduates …

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Oh yeah. Hirschsprung’s is for life damnit.

Friday, 12th June 10pm: I’m in my bed, eating the hell out of a packet of Lindor Balls.  I just got out of the shower.  A long shower into which I took my trĂ©s classy bourbon-in-a-can and sat on the floor.  I didn’t cry, but I could have. This week broke my baby. {If you’re a new reader, and not …

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Daily Look | Winter’s Bounty

Between Mum’s place up north and our own trees (which are producing fruit in bulk for the first winter ever!), we have lots of home grown citrus and the babes are loving it!  Nixon is obsessed with mandarins.  I peeled him two for morning tea, then continued hanging out the washing.  Upon my return 5 minutes later I found the …

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Daily Look | Second Breakfast

Both our kids are BIG fans of second breakfasts.  If Nix has had porridge or eggs for breakfast he’ll devour a small smoothie in a mini milk bottle at about 9am.  At least if he starts the day with THIS much goodness in him I don’t stress too much about the amount he eats at dinner – which is when the wheels …

Daily Look | History

I swam at the same swimming school Nixon now screams and yells at once a week, and they have had the same logo and swim bag the entire time.  I am 36 years old!  Good things stand the test of time I guess lol Follow

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Daily Look | At the End of the Path

Some days you just have to put on your overalls and go riding in the rain.  Or Mama will go cray-cray.  He won’t melt, he’s warm and so so happy, plus the potential for puddles is all a bit too exciting!  It’s hard to remember to say yes and think outside the box but when we do it can be …

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Daily Look | Kids in the Kitchen

Oh Bubbydo. You make everything just that little bit more exciting. ‘I help it’ is keeping us on our toes these days. You’re everywhere at once. Waiting for us to let our guard down and leave eggs on the bench unattended. You are an opportunist of magnificent proportion and I love you more everyday x Follow

The lost art of “getting shit done”

Today I crossed one task off my to-do list and added 4 more. One. The tasks on my list are not even that onerous or time consuming.  They simply require my undivided attention for a small period of time.  Therein lies the conflict. Nixon is also small but requires my undivided attention ALL of the time.  Resisting the yellow-haired dictator …

Sandpit Rage

So one day toward the end of winter last year, I had this freaking genius idea to turn a corner garden surrounded on two sides by concrete into an in-ground sandpit.  Bordered by railway sleepers, complete with driftwood and spendy, smooth river rocks, over-flowing with just the BEST sandpit toys {or whatever dregs I found in the tupperware drawer}…….are you …