14 months Old|Hello Nixon 6 Weeks Post-Op

Baby Boy

Same old, same old – how time flys – yadda yadda, but really?  Six weeks? 

Thank you so much for all of your kind messages and concern it has meant so much to us!  The good news is…………..Nixon is doing amazingly well!  His little bowel that was obviously SO excited about being able to poop has calmed itself {thank god!} so we are no longer dealing with 7 dirty nappies before lunchtime – he seems to have a regular routine now, twice a day which is pretty normal I would say!? – I think?  

His hideous, bleeding nappy rash is also entirely gone and really, my only concern is that post-op he hasn’t gained any weight.  Zero grams.  He’s still sitting at 98th percentile however………….so, I guess there’s not too much to worry about lol.

The Hirschsprungs diagnosis still seems completely surreal to me, even more so since his excellent response to the pull-through surgery.  We are now fully immersed in the normal trials, tribulations and JOY of having a 14 month old toddler ruling the house – and believe me, the tribulations are many.  

This kid doesn’t take no for an answer, he laughs in the face of NO and carries on his merry way.  There is so much I want to remember about this age as Nixie’s rate of growth and change is incredible right now;

  • I love his little voice, our house is constantly filled with babble – ‘shooz’ – shoes, this means I want to go outside Mum, ‘huss’ – hush, this means shut the hell up you barking a-holes, ‘dish’ – Dash, barking a-hole #3, plus eyes, ears, up, door, nose, mama, daddad, Nana, yum, uh-oh, digger, dump truck………so many cute little words
  • I HATE the obsession with one of my surfing trophies, he pulls it off the wall approx 173 times a day, brings it to me and says NO NO
  • I love how he pulls every book off his bookshelf and sits on top of the mountain and reads them all one by one
  • I love watching him learn new tricks {like climbing up on the couches!}, when he succeeds he sits back, satisfied with a grin on his face

Life is pretty wicked aye?  Feeling quite grateful right now x


Nixon’s First Birthday Party


Bunting Stickers for cake topper from Typo

So initially when I realised that Nixon was indeed going to turn one against my wishes, I was planning on having a “small, easy party”.

Maybe we would just invite friends and no extended family?  Or just family and no friends?  Trying to decide who to invite eventually saw Dave and I drinking too much wine and deciding “we will invite EVERYONE!”.  Problem solved.

I actually really enjoyed planning this party, and I pulled off most things on my wish list with only two exceptions.  {View my Pinterest Board here}

Nix’s fave things are diggers so the colour scheme was pretty easy; yellow, black, white and silver.  I shopped for all of the decor items plus plates, cutlery, cups, tablecloths etc from Pop Roc Parties and the Look Sharp store in Albany – that place is amazing when you are working to a colour theme!

To make things easier we kept the menu really simple, I mean really simple.  I have no pics of the food, but Dave had the great idea to create a mini Subway sandwich station.  All that was required was a selection of cold meat, sliced cheese, a variety of bread, salad items and condiments.  We served coleslaw and potato salad with potato chip mini packs on the side.  Drinks on offer were bottled water, lemonade, beer and wine, and the desert table was also pared right back to cake, cupcakes, cookies, fruit kebabs and a slice.  Having no hot dishes meant there was no fussing in the kitchen during the party which made being able to chat with our 40 guests actually possible!


Large Blackboard Bunting $21 from Pop Roc Parties


Mini Flourish Blackboard Stand $3.50 Pop Roc Parties

Cupcake cases and yellow road cones from Look Sharp


I LOVE Origrami prints so decided to showcase the first year of Nixon’s life by hanging my prints on some little clotheslines with mini wooden pegs from The Warehouse.


I pre-ordered some helium balloons from Look Sharp so Dave just had to whip out and pick them up on the morning of the party.


Tassel garlands are fab, but this DID take longer than I anticipated {it could have been that I just really don’t enjoy paper based craft!}.  There are heaps of tutorials online so just find one that you can make sense of and have a go.


Oh the cake!  I have a go-to, never fail cake recipe that a neighbour gave me years ago.  It is more caramel than chocolate and it rises beautifully.  I went a bit OTT and layered two cakes with milk chocolate black forest ganache and iced with buttercream.  A bit TOO rich!  I will post the recipe soon.IMG_8996






So, hey……It’s Monday!

………………and we’re not at Starship, and Nix is not having his op today.  Remember in my last post about poop {sorry about all the poop posts, it pretty much rules our lives at the moment!} I mentioned 2-5 massive bouts of diarrhea per day?  Well, turns out that was courtesy of rotavirus, not a side affect of Bub’s large intestine getting plunged with cameras and biopsy equipment from end to end.  Phew, not.

We spent Wednesday night at Starship last week to monitor Nixon after 5 days of the virus depleting him of everything he ate and drank; plus side – at least there was one right? – we had our own room because poohs and spews make for a very contagious baby.  And Mumma.  And big brother.  FML.

So, no pull through surgery today, it’s too risky for a number of reasons, so at least little boy gets a chance to recover from the past couple of weeks and enjoy his first birthday in relative normality!  The surgeon is away in July so we will be heading back to Starship at the beginning of August to get the show on the road.

I am so ready for a normal week.  So normal in fact that Nix and I are going to do the grocery shopping as soon as he wakes from his nap and I’m kinda looking forward to it.  We haven’t left the house by ourselves, for just normal errand stuff in weeks.  Time to get back on track, and get ready to celebrate Nixon’s first birthday in 11 days!!!

Sunrise from our room at Starship Children’s Hospital

Hello Nixon | 8 Months

Nix_8mths copy

Wowsers.  That was a hard month boy {hence post is 20 days late, pic was on time though!}.  No lie.  We have both been sick, you have another tooth {and more on the way} and you somehow managed to sleep through and IN your first epic power chuck yesterday – go you!

We’re pretty sure you’ve decided crawling is not for you.  You are pulling yourself up on all sorts of dangerous things now so I expect that one of these days, you’ll just up and head for the fridge and some bacon. You find commando crawling speedy and efficient PLUS you can still carry things in your paws whilst on the move {like your bros wooden sword or the vacuum cleaner handle – your #1 fave}.  I can’t actually believe I got pics of you this month, I got ONE shot of you on your back so I am thrilled it was in focus.  Notice anything different?  Yes, you are in cloth diapers!  Two things have happened this month that I had previously said I would never do, one of them being using cloth diapers.  It’s actually easy-peasy and I wish we had started earlier.

Man, you love quinoa and chicken.  This is good.  You also love the dogs and your brother and you slept through the night last night for the first time in well over a month.  I love you even more today sweet-baby-sleeper.  You now clap your hands whenever you are happy, usually when you see your Nana, and your conversation skills consist solely of raspberry after raspberry.

You are the baddest little baby I know, your love for Crown Lynn and eating rocks knows no bounds, your other favourite things are electrical cables, dog tails, dog bowls, smartphones and sunglasses.  There is currently a moratorium on toy-buying  as you prefer stuff that isn’t yours and is preferably breakable.

I just don’t know where this year has gone.  It makes me so happy to sit on your bedroom floor and watch you play and learn, somedays I really don’t do much else.  When you reach out for me with your chubby little arms time does stop though; everything stops and it’s just me inhaling you and being/doing/giving you whatever it is you want or need.

Love, Mama

Hello Nixon | 7 Months Old


Oh son you are starting to scare the bejeezus out of us.

You are constantly in motion.  Not like a leaf-on-a-tree-swaying-in-the-breeze kinda motion, more like a frantic-bull-on-the-streets-of-Pamplona kinda motion.  I can’t even believe I managed to snap pics of you this month.  You are one busy beaver.

It’s been a bit of a rough month to be honest, but you are always smiling, despite waking every 2 hours in the night, but you and I had a little stay-cation this weekend and fingers crossed some serious routine-tweaking has put those difficult nights behind us.

You have really garnered some strong opinions about your food in the last 10 days.  You have absolutely no time for any chunky food, and will lock you lips down so tight and refuse to eat if the is even a hint of a mushy pea in your bowl.  You be a baby as long as you want, I won’t mind I promise x.

Your favourite things are doors – safe I know!  You love laying on your belly, one hand on the door, the other supporting your impressive girth, just swinging the door back and forth.  I watch your carefully so we don’t have any accidents as you so love trying to figure out what that big ol heavy hard thing does and why we have so many of them in our house.

Your dogs have got you pretty pegged at this point.  They have seen how quickly you can chase a vacuum cleaner when you want to taste it, so they are giving you a pretty wide berth these days.  Your grabby little paws are like lightening when there is a doggy tail or ear in the vicinity to yank on.

Commando crawling is fully operational.  You have mastered downward dog pose and get up on all fours ready to crawl but haven’t quite figured out how to make those knees start moving.  This is no handicap to you as you can propel yourself around the house just fine thank you very much.

We love you, we love you, we love you.

It has been so special introducing you to your fab Aunt Kaley and Granddaddy Jack this week.  They have come all the way from Florida to kiss your cheeks while you scream DADA at them and I’m pretty sure they think you are ace.


nix7 copy