This is what I think about that | February

Oohhh January you were a little ripper weren’t you?  Hot and dry as a bone, credit-card cringeworthy, the audible crash and burn of resolutions could be heard everywhere, and for me, it was the month of running.  I clocked in 23 runs in January, which is approximately 100% more runs than in any other month in my life! I’m winning at something so far in 2015, even if it hurts like a bastard.  I literally wake up every morning moving like a nana.  My feet hurt so much for the first hour of every day I swear I’m working retail while I’m sleeping, putting in some long hours standing on concrete floors……..oh wait, that’s what I do every day at home : /


  • I think that school beginning today is just SO perfectly timed.  We have had a long, lovely holiday.  I’ve waxed on about how fab my kids have been and bitched about their bad days, but quite frankly, it’s time to get this show on the road and get E back to school.  He’s bored {despite my best efforts} and I’m bored of his boredom.
  • I think I’m the only person in the world {or at least Auckland} who cared less about the NRL 9’s.  League is just not my thing.
  • I think this ‘rain’ needs to man up and  get a bit of tank-filling muscle behind these wimpy little sprinkles.  The boys don’t care though, Nix discovered the ‘rain’ last night and he and E had half an hour of gorgeous fun running around outside before bed, dripping wet and yelling ‘SPLASH!”

 PLaying in the rain NZ

  • I think those ISIS bastards need to be wiped from the face of the earth, thank you America for standing up to them, thank you John Key {I can’t believe I’m even saying that!} for committing troops to the effort and thank you to our armed forces for your service.
  • I think my Fitbit needs to deliver on it’s 5 days between charging promise, I’m currently getting 24 hours wtf?!
  • I think E has been bitten by a white tail and has what is promising to be a festering pus-hole on his ankle.  Nice.  Off to the doctor this arvo.
  • I think Instagram is my fave social platform, I love little vignette photo prompts like the #5flatlays challenge hosted by @beaumondemama this month, my first entry got featured as a favourite yesterday!

Vignette Flatlay blog Mum NZ 

  • I think Mamas who speak their minds and aren’t afraid of going against the grain are people I WANT in my life.  Jen from Mama Lion Strong is one of these fab bloggers who are writing stuff that actually matters.  Unlike myself << drivel lol

Have an amazing Monday and first day child free gorgeous Mama’s!



Get.  Out.  Side.

Get. Out. Side.

After a slightly bumpy start to the weekend involving husband away on a work project, bronchitis, being locked out of the house, bleeding/vomiting dogs, dogs shitting on carpet, grumpy-ass children, children weeing on carpet……culminating in Fish ‘n Chips and bourbon on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday and told myself “today is going to rock”.  And then I told the children and they seemed to take this on board quite well at 6am, Nix gave me a fist pump, we laced up our runners and hit the streets.  Ethan normally complains like a man possessed about having to exercise with us, so I wasn’t prepared for his sparkling attitude and his decision to RUN so he could hang with me instead of riding his bike.  Things were looking good!

The weather was also amaze.  There was nothing else to do but go to the beach.  I made things as easy for myself as possible and took one bucket of toys for the boys and one large bag with all of our gear, food, towels and baby stuff.  I needed a beach where I wouldn’t have to park miles away, so got some local knowledge from one of my girlfriends and we hit the sand at an awesome uncrowded spot with lots of lovely sandstone rock pools for the boys to play in.

Best day in a  l o n g  time.  Sometimes when you’re finding things a bit tough, I think you just have to make a decision that things WILL be better.  And just make it happen.  Do epic shit.  Use all the internet motivational catch-phrases you need but just make a decision and roll with it.  Also simplify, lower your expectations and most importantly for me, leave the damn house!

Have a wonderful week lovelies xx

Kids getting fit
Kids on TrampolineBaby at the BEach
Baby in rockpool
NZ Summer Rockpooling
Summer in NZ