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  • Realising we’ve all been scammed by this Easter/school holiday combo deal.
  • Listening to consecutive tantrums and headbanging on the concrete floors.  What the f*ck child?  
  • Needing to sleep for at least 4 days straight.
  • Enjoyed a lie-in this morning until 7.06am at which time the boys descended armed with balloons and proceeded to volleyball slam them into my face at which time terrified shit-zu pounced on my victimised face with his paws claws seeking refuge.  Good morning indeed.
  • Admitting that I despise balloons and will be popping them as soon as children are out of range.
  • Needing someone to take children out of range.
  • Acknowledging that there are only two concerns in my ten year old’s head right now; food and wrestling.  Everything else gets lost in the large void between his ears.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with school holidays, the loss of my Nan, paid work commitments piling up, toddler Mummy-ing and the neglect of my lovely blog :  (
  • Feeling overwhelmed at balancing all of the above whilst Dave travels to Wellington AGAIN next week for work.
  • Wishing Dave and I could go on all of The Bachelor Dates together, without The Bachelor ’cause that kinky stuff is not my jam.
  • Rueing the freaking ball pump that seems to grow legs and relocate from the garage to my living room over and over and over again #nonixonno (Edit: ball pump now joined by inflatable flotation ring and Ethan’s bike helmet, items I handle at least three times per day, when really……. IT’S FREAKING AUTUMN! Piss off pool floatie!)
  • Thinking that the recurring ball pump et al are actually very minor blips in the totality of The Demise of Housework right now.
  • Setting myself mini-tasks to displace the so-much-to-do anxiety.  This looks like; peg out 25% of laundry, retreat to pantry for chocolate reinforcements and hide from kids.  Repeat.
  • Trying to bolster spirits and prop eyelids open for a Pinterest-perfect end to the first week of the school holidays.  Tomorrow.  Not today mmkay?



Giveaway | School Holiday Fun at The Bruce Mason Theatre with Mrs McGinty’s Garden

Get the kids out of the house and into Mrs McGinty’s garden this April school holidays.

Mrs McGinty is known around the neighbourhood for being a grumpy old lady, but deep down she longs for friends. So when the kids next door get bored during their school holidays, Mrs McGinty is the perfect target to play pranks on – you will always get a rise out of her. They spend the summer shooting arrows in her cabbages, hiding rocks in her letterbox and coming up with new tricks to drive her crazy.

But all that is about to change when Mrs McGinty grows a plant in her garden that just keeps growing and growing. Overnight, Mrs McGinty goes from being known as cranky to the talk of the town.Mrs McGinty and the Bizarre Plant was a finalist of NZ Children’s Book of the Year, 1982, and has gone on to bea New Zealand favourite for children 4 to 12 years old. The story is brought to life from the page to the stage with the use of fabulous sets, clever puppetry and great songs composed by Luke Di Somma (Chief Conductor of the Christchurch Youth Orchestra, Artistic Director Christchurch Pops Choir). The fantastic set features iconic New Zealand architecture such as a 1950s bungalow and the classic Edmond’s Sure to Rise factory sign.

Don’t miss this wonderful children’s story and visual feast at the Bruce Mason Centre for six shows only.


Come early and enjoy the treasure trail from 9.45am featuring the Imagination Playground, face painting and fun activities and crafts.

Mrs McGinty and the Bizarre Plant plays Live at Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna Thursday 16 – Saturday 18 April, 2015

Two shows daily, 10.30am and 1.00pm

TICKETS: $15 per person*(service fees apply)

BOOKING THROUGH www.ticketmaster.co.nz or 09 970 9700

Show duration: 60 minutes

To win a double pass head over to my FB page and help the rest of us out by commenting on the competition post with a school holiday idea for the kids

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