Project 365 * Day 1: Stuck

Lou loves soccer, he is very good at dribbling but he can’t seem to get his head around how to score a goal.  He seems perplexed.  I hope this isn’t a symptom of more serious issues.  I thought since we moved to the farm that we had dealt with his depression and doggy-Prozac wasn’t going to be needed.  We can get through this together Lou, I promise.



After Ethan’s first, somewhat tearful, soccer game last week, we were cautiously optimistic yesterday morning when we rolled up for game number 2.  I was pretty sure he had himself together though, there isn’t too much that really throws Ethan for a loop and soccer ticks all the boxes for him really.  It is structured, there are rules, there is Coach Ken there for him to listen to and try to impress and there is one really good player on the team for Ethan to try and get better than.  The game was great, The Wizards were totally outplayed but Ethan was amazing!  He set-up the plays, was with the ball the whole time throughout the game and best of all he had such a good time.  He told me he was a little nervous at first, but then he thought in his head that this looked like so much fun that he was going to try so hard!

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First Soccer Game

Saturday morning was dry and sunny thank god, but very crisp with so much frost the fields looked like they had had a light dusting of snow.  It melted as the little guys began to warm-up and they began their 15 minutes of training before the game began.


Things were looking good as this point, Ethan was doing great, getting some shots in the goal and listening well to Coach Ken.  He was assigned his shirt and the game against the Lions began!

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and that’s where the tears began.  Ethan was totally shocked that the parents on the sideline were yelling and screaming at their kids, it gave him a terrible scare.  So Mum to the rescue, I joined the team and dragged him around the field because WE CAME TO PLAY SOCCER ::::damnit:::: and we all had to get up very early in the cold so lets just smile and get on with it?  Alright?  and yes darling I will buy you a Ben 10 toy if you at least try OK?

094 096 099 100 101 102 103 105 106 

He came right by the end of the game and assures us that there will be no repeat performance-anxiety at the next game.  He was so good and fast when he really got the swing of things, he made a couple of good breaks and smoked the others when he was following the play so hopefully we will have a better game on Saturday.  The good news is Ethan is really positive about it and looking forward to having another go.