T-7 Days. You know what I’m talking about.

I’m not going to write my usual bitch ‘n moan style post about the school holidays as I’m not feeling it this year.  E and I have had some hard days, but we’ve moved on and had some totally kick-ass days too.  Those days make it all worth it.  Being 10 is hard but I think after a lot of talking and thinking on both sides, Ethan, Dave and I have landed at a good place to kick off Term 1.  One of the most amaze qualities I’m noticing in my big boy at the moment is his ability to completely separate whatever feelings/frustrations he has going on with his Dad and I, and still lavish heaps of love and attention upon his little brother.  Nixon is so lucky to be forever under the wing of such a natural big bro.

Dave is heading to Wellington to work for the next week so the boys and I have some fun activities lined up that we will mix up with low-budget days exploring and beaching.  Aside from the  l o n g  days of solo parenting when Dave’s away, I’m feeling a bit stressy about my running – I won’t be able head out first thing in the morning for 5 days!  I’m such a massive creature of habit that the thought of running at night once mum gets home and it finally cools down kinda fills me with dread.  To say I’m inflexible in my routine is a bit of an understatement!  This weather has made for such a stunning January it’s been easy to maintain my little goal of saying ‘yes’ and milking summer for all it’s worth.  The flip side of this {of course there is always a flip side right?} is that my blogging motivation is lacking, but I’m definitely not beating myself up over that.  It’s not the season for me to write, but I have been working on some exciting plans and partnerships for the months ahead, things are ticking along at The Best Nest and I’m so excited about 2015!  

That’s all, go forth and may your Sunday be maxxed out with awesomeness!

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Summer in Auckland | The Zoo Trip

Today, on what was surely the hottest day EVER in New Zealand {am I right?} I asked Ethan what he would like to do.

He wanted to go to the Zoo.

My too-hard-basket self and my home-body self wanted to shut this plan down before it gained any traction, but I don’t want to be that Mum.  I want this summer to be the summer of saying yes, of many adventures and sliding into March tanned, tired and with no regrets of gorgeous days wasted.  This was our spendy outing this week.  Dave headed back to work today so it was a relatively cheap exercise compared to paying for two adults but I will be filling the rest of the week up with free or inexpensive activities.

So.  Yes it was very, very VERY hot.  Yes.  Half of Auckland decided to head to the Zoo today.  But, it was the best day I can remember spending with my boys in a long time.

Ethan was in the perfect mood for it, he was engaged and interested, and amped quite frankly.  I let him take charge.  We decided not to look at the map, to just go where we wanted and it worked out beautifully.  It just happened to be one of those well timed arrivals {due to NO parking} when we only had to queue for 10 minutes before we all got to feed the giraffe – even Nixie!  He was so stoked!  Then after walking around the corner, the elephant was dancing up a storm and putting on a show, so Nix was entertained and able to focus for quite a while on each animal.  What am I saying, the kid lapped it up.  He is so, so different to his brother but so alike in their complete and utter adoration of animals.  “Ostrich!”  “Elfunt!” “Tortle!” “Youraft!” “Iger!” “Ion!”.  

It was an amazing day.  I even packed a cooly bag!  With lunch, SALAD for me even!  – though I had packed coleslaw and forgot a fork fml.  I’m telling you I was really on top of my game today.

And that felt good.

PS Nixon’s stink face is totally not representative of his mood, he was just as awesome as his brother today, also check out my freaky hairy arm wtf?!

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This is what I think about that.

  • I think that the first recycling pickup after the holiday period is just the best feeling ever – all of that paper and wrapping and cardboard gone! I love it.
  • I think that getting rid of my Christmas manicure which looked so cute pre-santa and looked so Fran Drescher post-santa was $30 very, very well spent.  Also no new manicure as per previous ‘saving money’ post – sad face.
  • I think that having a 2.4 metre Great White Shark, the apex predator of the entire ocean, cruising in the Auckland Harbour is seriously amazing. I wish I could see it for myself.
  • I think that Spotify is just about the best thing ever!  I switched my Spark plan to one that comes with a free Spotify premium membership and my running playlist has never sounded so good, I can see how a little tweaking and playing on the app will create {eventually} The Greatest Melissa Playlist of ALL Time.  Excite.
  • I think that American Horror Story is just about the most freaky show/movie I’ve ever seen and Dave and I have only watched Episode 1!  Holy shit-balls.  Not sure how far we will get into that series.
  • I think that I’m finally getting my reading mojo back, I’ve got The Kiterunner on my Kindle at the moment and I’m hooked.
  • I think that forgetting to buy a school pool key this summer is just about the most stupid thing I’ve done in a while.  Melting.
  • I think that some people need to get off their asses/couches and get outside/take their kids outside and enjoy themselves. Man the moaning gets tiresome <did i just say that?  Look, it’s amazingly beautiful when you leave your driveway!  This is as good as it gets weather-wise in New Zealand right now and wow, it’s a stunner of a summer!

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Get. Out. Side.

After a slightly bumpy start to the weekend involving husband away on a work project, bronchitis, being locked out of the house, bleeding/vomiting dogs, dogs shitting on carpet, grumpy-ass children, children weeing on carpet……culminating in Fish ‘n Chips and bourbon on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday and told myself “today is going to rock”.  And then I told the children and they seemed to take this on board quite well at 6am, Nix gave me a fist pump, we laced up our runners and hit the streets.  Ethan normally complains like a man possessed about having to exercise with us, so I wasn’t prepared for his sparkling attitude and his decision to RUN so he could hang with me instead of riding his bike.  Things were looking good!

The weather was also amaze.  There was nothing else to do but go to the beach.  I made things as easy for myself as possible and took one bucket of toys for the boys and one large bag with all of our gear, food, towels and baby stuff.  I needed a beach where I wouldn’t have to park miles away, so got some local knowledge from one of my girlfriends and we hit the sand at an awesome uncrowded spot with lots of lovely sandstone rock pools for the boys to play in.

Best day in a  l o n g  time.  Sometimes when you’re finding things a bit tough, I think you just have to make a decision that things WILL be better.  And just make it happen.  Do epic shit.  Use all the internet motivational catch-phrases you need but just make a decision and roll with it.  Also simplify, lower your expectations and most importantly for me, leave the damn house!

Have a wonderful week lovelies xx

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