The Jacks

Saturday Morning

No time for getting dressed, there are planes, and shields and x-wing fighters to be made!


Boys and planes

In the throes of crafts

Look at this delicious playlist, so nice.  I think we might have to buy tickets to the Wilco show at the Civic……


Summer’s finally here and it’s a hot one

……..but don’t think for a second that you might catch me complaining, I wait for 8 months of the year for this season.  I bitch and moan and detest winter and autumn because they are cold and rainy, I hate spring because it is so close to summer and often drags on far too long (like this past spring for example), so when the tar on the road is melting and the vege garden needs watering morning and night I WILL NOT COMPLAIN.

Plus we now have a pool.

Picnic anyone?

The Jack’s have splashed out and made a grown-up purchase, check out our sassy new wooden picnic table!

What a Sunday to get some new outdoor furniture!  We have just had the most gorgeous weekend after last week finished with three days of rain and heavy flooding in some areas.  Crazy weather.

Ethan tore it up at Nippers this weekend and caught some great waves on the club boogey boards whilst Daddy caught some yummy snappers on Saturday night, so our new table was christened in style!

Ethan LOVES taking photos and took these shots with the big camera, he has a good eye;

Five years married this month xxxx

Five years married this month xxxx

Christmas Post #2: The decorating. It is done.

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful….

It has now been raining for about 3 days and I’m not quite sick of it yet as I’m pretty sure I can see my veges growing from where I sit.  Yus.


Ethan had the day off school today so we shopped and made like festive shopping-type-elves and it was so much fun.  He picked out a little tree for his room and picked out all of the decorations himself.  I held my tongue as he threw the MOST garish, tinny, gold and red Santa’s in his basket.  I looked the other way as he complemented them with a whole box of ugly, cheap ‘n’ nasty ornaments and I applauded his fine taste and good eye when found a pair of jandals and his red star for the top.  He was so happy and proud of himself.  He really pulled the whole thing together when he remembered his flashing dolphin Christmas lights and added those to the mix.  His tree looks awesome!

Ethan decorates HIS tree

Ethan decorates HIS tree 2

Ethan decorates HIS tree 3

Ethan decorates HIS tree 4


So we finished that project right as Dave arrived home which was too perfect as Ethan had asked me ten bazillion times when was Daddy coming home, so we moved on to stage 2  – The Big Fake Tree.  Ethan and I decorated while Dave hung Christmas lights.

Ethan decorates the Big Fake Tree

Ethan decorates the Big Fake Tree 2

We finished up this arvo with the building of the Gingerbread House (so shoot me I BOUGHT the pack, it’s not homemade yadda yadda.  It smells divine anyway) and then an awesome Christmas roast chicken, potatoes, broccoli and corn.  Such a great afternoon!

Gingerbread House 1

Gingerbread House 2

Louie was NOT missing out on the festivities!

Gingerbread House 3

Gingerbread House 5

August on the farm

 I can’t remember ever feeling this acutely aware of the change of seasons.  Perhaps it was harder to notice in the suburbs, it was more difficult to hear the birds, you never saw the baby animals or noticed the buds on the huge old trees which have been naked for the past three months.  But the last week has been so full of life around here that it is impossible not to notice something brand new in every corner of the farm;
New blooms up the driveway

New blooms up the driveway

New blooms behind the playhouse

New blooms behind the playhouse

Bad-ass escaping chicken

Bad-ass escaping chicken

  I cannot be held responsible for this chickens life if she insists on running the gauntlet that is my murderous Shi-Tzu.  He can only resist so much temptation.

Louie’s other favourite past-time is barking at the loudest cows in the world.  He barks, they moo.  It goes on for hours AND I HATE IT but it is 100x better than listening to boy racers.  
Lou is looking super stylee in his fluro orange, chenille knitted sweater, Mum bought it for lil Marl but she said it was too big, hmmmmm
The King of all Dogs - this one should be on a calendar

The King of all Dogs - this one should be on a calendar

If he was an entertainer, he might be the construction worker from the Village People

If he was an entertainer, he might be the construction worker from the Village People

nobodys gonna break my stride, nobodys gonna slow me down oh no Ive got to keep on moving!

"no-body's gonna break my stride, no-body's gonna slow me down oh no I've got to keep on moving!" - I could totally see him mouthing the words to that song as he was pulling his ears back for more speed

Fine then.  You wont smile - Ill MAKE you smile

Fine then. You wont smile - I'll MAKE you smile

Ethan is having a few problems with Louie at the moment, basically stemming from the fact that Lou is a dog and Ethan WANTS to be a dog.  It’s like reverse-racism, or species-ism I guess.  Ethan loves dogs so much he just wants to be one and I guess Louie just isn’t living the dream as much as Ethan thinks he should be;











For all of their problems, Louie is still Ethan’s best [only] brother, and Louie loves him most of the time;
Every-body’s happy that it is warmer.  I’m happy because I have dried 8 loads of washing on the line in 3 days and my boy is SUPER happy;
The End.

The End.

Mum & Dad Time

It has been a pretty hectic two weeks since we moved house, Ethan has been on holiday with me as we wait for a place to open up for him at his new kindergarten (hopefully the first week of June) and Dave has been working some long hours at the restaurant. So to mix it up Ethan stayed the night at Mum and Dad’s house, Dave was home early from work and we had a nice sleep in this morning sans our 4yo alarm clock!
There is a driving range and golf course five minutes from our new house so I am pretty keen to start playing again, Dave remembered me saying that and suggested that we pack up some clubs and go and hit a few balls. It was so much fun! After a few duds I had the old wood cracking some beautys right down the middle – loved it.





After we finished schwacking all of our balls we went to lunch at The Carriages, an awesome cafe made out of old railway carriages that is right on the river.


It was the best meal out we have had in so long.  We ordered the Platter for two which served pretty much every one of our favourite savoury treats; two loaves of hot, fresh baked bread, chorizo, salami, pastrami, smoked sausages, two different chutneys, brie, blue cheese, swiss, salad, pickles, kalamata olives and peppers.  OMG, so good paired with a crisp local chardonnay.  Image018It was such a lovely morning made even better when we went to pick Ethan up afterward and saw how happy he was and what a lovely time he had had with his grandparents.

How many dogs & Jacks can you fit in a Pulsar?

The answer is Molly, Marley, Louie, Ethan, Dave and I.  We took the pups out to Muriwai last weekend for lunch on the beach to lament the end of daylight saving and to celebrate the fact that dogs can go on the beach all day now!  Everyone had such a good time, little Marl surprised us by swimming in the rock pools and ocean – he was charging it!  Lou bear just watched the water play of course but was loving having his cuzzies from the farm to play with.

My Handsome Boys

How cute are they?  We finished March with a landslide of birthday parties, I took this pic before the guys left for Josh’s 4th Birthday party.  Being Ethan’s social coordinator, driver, gift shopper and gift wrapper does not leave time for normal more mundane things, like……laundry or vacuuming.  Oh well!


Jack Family – VIP’s at the Summer Series

Thanks to the amazing bFM and my uncanny prize-winning abilities, Dave, Ethan and I were given the deluxe treatment on sunny Sunday at the bFM Vodafone Summer Series.  I won 2 Nokia Music Xpress cell phones each with $200 credit plus a VIP picnic spot at the concert, complete with a massive banquet – entrees, lunch, desert and a cooler of wine and cold drinks!  It was awesome.  Sunday was very hot and sunny, the music was great and we all really enjoyed our afternoon.  Dave and I kept looking at each other in disbelief;

VBFM902152590259[1] VBFM902152530253[1]  VBFM902152550255[1] 

Ethan 101 Ethan 012 Ethan 013 Ethan 016Ethan 040 Ethan 017 Ethan 022 Ethan 030  Ethan 041 Ethan 057 Ethan 060 Ethan 067  Ethan 081Ethan 084Ethan 087Ethan 076 Ethan 095Ethan 091

 Ethan 100 Ethan 099

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