Is this New Zealands finest twitter moment?

Outrageous Fortune on Twitter

The Outrageous Fortune final was last night and it was insanely insane.  The ending was the ultimate cliffhanger (Pascalle or Sheryl?) and as a result Twitter exploded.  #outrageous quickly became a trending topic followed by Outrageous Fortune.  Two New Zealand topics in the top 5 trending topics!  Madness, fly the flag OF!

You can watch the now infamous episode here for the nest 7 days, swear to god that typo was unintentional, but fitting)

I have really important things to do

yes.   I do.

I can’t currently commit to writing (and by writing I mean finishing) a post right now as I am far to busy

  1. being in bed.  Yes it is 8pm, a mere smidgeon of a Thursday night but Dave is at work, there is nothing on TV and everything I need is in a 2.5 foot radius
  2. perusing a very important text.  One that will change my life and my waistline and I know this because I paid $60 for it and its cute little companion book aka Pocket Guide.    Yeah, Dave better put a grate over the shower drain because Posh Spice is coming to town and that biotch be skinny yall
  3. watching Real Housewives of Atlanta S1E3.  Mmmmhmmm
  4. dabbling in a little bit of that Twilight series, I don’t know what it’s called but I’m up to book 3, or should I say .PDF #3, if you’re a REAL greenie you save trees and read books on you laptop…..get with the program hippy.