Weekly Wrap Up


I bought a sweet pair of medium sized Stirling silver hoops this week and I LOVE them, they make me feel like my outfit is finished with a little bit ‘o sass!


Seriously, am I going to spend ALL of our money on concert tickets this year? Unmissable show of 2010 has to be The Pixies live at Vector Arena in Auckland.  Dave and I heard the announcement on bfm at the same time and immediately called each other and sang “here comes your man!”


After begging Dave for weeks to let me buy a smart phone, it turns out that there was one sitting there unused at my work!  Joy of  joys, I can now moblog, twitpic, FB, Tweet EVERYWHERE!  Interesting fact:  Vodafone has a free track of the day – my first free download “Bootylicious”. Hmmmmm….right.

Spring tulips!!!!!  Growing up our driveway.  4 days into spring and Auckland has had nothing but glorious sunshine……and bitterly southerlies, you can’t have it all in dirty old Aucks.

I can’t get enough of microwave poached eggs, in this nifty plastic apparatus.  Istarted off with just one egg in the morning and some toast, but in the interests of my fat ass, I have moved on to 2 eggs, ham and cheese – no toast.  (You decide in which way I am looking after the interests of my ass ; ).

Not-so-much loving

My dumb-ass tonsils, that contiually hurt and leave me with the only slightly annoying sensation of imbibing glass every time I swallow.  Yes I am going to see the Dr. next week without a doubt and if I can speak I will be asking her to TAKE THOSE BASTARDS OUT, just like that.

August on the farm

 I can’t remember ever feeling this acutely aware of the change of seasons.  Perhaps it was harder to notice in the suburbs, it was more difficult to hear the birds, you never saw the baby animals or noticed the buds on the huge old trees which have been naked for the past three months.  But the last week has been so full of life around here that it is impossible not to notice something brand new in every corner of the farm;
New blooms up the driveway
New blooms up the driveway
New blooms behind the playhouse
New blooms behind the playhouse
Bad-ass escaping chicken
Bad-ass escaping chicken

  I cannot be held responsible for this chickens life if she insists on running the gauntlet that is my murderous Shi-Tzu.  He can only resist so much temptation.

Louie’s other favourite past-time is barking at the loudest cows in the world.  He barks, they moo.  It goes on for hours AND I HATE IT but it is 100x better than listening to boy racers.  
Lou is looking super stylee in his fluro orange, chenille knitted sweater, Mum bought it for lil Marl but she said it was too big, hmmmmm
The King of all Dogs - this one should be on a calendar
The King of all Dogs - this one should be on a calendar
If he was an entertainer, he might be the construction worker from the Village People
If he was an entertainer, he might be the construction worker from the Village People
nobodys gonna break my stride, nobodys gonna slow me down oh no Ive got to keep on moving!
"no-body's gonna break my stride, no-body's gonna slow me down oh no I've got to keep on moving!" - I could totally see him mouthing the words to that song as he was pulling his ears back for more speed
Fine then.  You wont smile - Ill MAKE you smile
Fine then. You wont smile - I'll MAKE you smile

Ethan is having a few problems with Louie at the moment, basically stemming from the fact that Lou is a dog and Ethan WANTS to be a dog.  It’s like reverse-racism, or species-ism I guess.  Ethan loves dogs so much he just wants to be one and I guess Louie just isn’t living the dream as much as Ethan thinks he should be;











For all of their problems, Louie is still Ethan’s best [only] brother, and Louie loves him most of the time;
Every-body’s happy that it is warmer.  I’m happy because I have dried 8 loads of washing on the line in 3 days and my boy is SUPER happy;
The End.
The End.

The Drive South

The drive south from Auckland to National Park is one of my favourites in New Zealand, but last weekend we got to see the aftermath of three huge storms in one week! Waikato was pretty much entirely underwater, the flooding was insane and some of the roads pretty treacherous;

Oops, the road broke!

Batten down the hatches!

A major storm in the Coral Sea off Australia’s northeast coast is beginning to develop and is heading directly towards New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. I’m becoming increasingly confident that a major sub-tropical cyclone will affect much of the North Island starting early on Saturday.   While the path of this weekend’s storm still isn’t 100% clear its development certainly is. There’s talk on the two main NZ weather forums (www.nzweather.net and weatherforum.org.nz ) that the air pressure could drop to record levels for northern New Zealand/Auckland. Isn’t it weird how we’re in the middle of winter yet we’re talking about a sub-tropical cyclone? It has all the potential – at this stage – to bring torrential rain to Northland, Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty and East Cape with severe gales for some regions too. Winds possibly gusting as much as 180km/h may affect exposed regions such as Northland, Coromandel, Eastern Waikato and the Hauraki Gulf. As I said before, the air pressure looks like it will plummet into the 960’s (hPa). Not only is that extremely rare but it may also break records. Weather enthusiasts on the above forums are searching through data to find what the record figures are. Low air pressure, combined with big seas and strong winds, could also help create one of the biggest storm surges seen in the upper North Island for several years. If this prediction eventuates we could see storm surges flooding low lying eastern coastal areas from Northland to Auckland and across Coromandel and Bay of Plenty. It may also pose a serious risk for low lying areas around the Firth of Thames which is particularly vulnerable to northern storm surges. But lets not panic just yet! At the time of writing this the storm is still over 24 hours away from landfall – and even the slightest movement could have dramtic changes to our weather. One positive, for those worried about the storms potential destruction, is that there’s no blocking high pressure system to the east of the country therefore the storm, while intense, should be fast moving and will clear the country by Monday. In other words, it might not stick around long enough to cause major headaches. It’s a wait and see game for at least another 24 hours as computer models recalculate results with higher confidence levels and while my blog here starts to become out of date as we head into the weekend you’ll find all the latest weather news at the Radio Network’s    Weather Watch Centre   . Oh and for those of you who doubted me when I said this winter could end up a wet one – there’s another big rain storm expected to develop next week in the northern Tasman Sea travelling on a similar path except slightly further south. That could mean torrential rain over western and northern regions of both islands – there are a lot of North Islanders who are getting sick of the rain now. Three months ago it was too dry – what a weird year we’re having. Please send me updates at the Weather Watch Centre this weekend with weather conditions in your town, or photos of the storm. Have a great – and safe – weekend. Philip Duncan For the latest weather news keep up to date with The Radio Network’s new Weather Watch Centre or the NZ Herald weather section. Pictured above: A storm front hits Auckland City. Photo / Dean Purcell