Tales from The Bush

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From me:

Where are you travelling wilbury?  I am starting to worry.  Please send an american spirit smoke signal this way so I know you are still with us.  Miss you, it has been sunny and warm since you left but supposed to start raining again tonight.  Let me know if you need some ideas about where to go next.  Love you, drive safe.

From Bush:

Hey there NIGATHA!!  I’m alive and doing great.  Stayed in a cool mom&pop camp site and they were so sweet.  so far, i’ve only seen about 7 other campers.   I was the only one of two peeps camping with mom&pop last night…so cool.  They gave me a shovel and told me to go dig a hole in the beach, so i did and then I sat in that pool for at least 2 hours.  It was awesome weather and I was cruising around in my new bikini.  the beach was totally desolate and for a long time, i was the only one around.  paradise!  I went to a shitty little beach fish village and decided not to camp in the motor lodge there…seeing as how my camper was nicer than any house there.  So, now I’m in Waitoma having a beer while using interweb cafe. Im setting camp just up the road, at a place called Juno’s-right across the street from black water rafting.  I signed up for the 3pm run and so that’s where I’ll be tomorrow.  I prob wont’ get back to you until Sat. afternoon.  After rafting, I’m heading to Rotorua, don’t know if I spelled that right.  But there, I’m going to play in mineral mud and see Maori villagers and shit.  super sick time!  I love the camper and it does a great job.  You wouldn’t believe the miles and miles of desolate, crappy, rocky, roads I’ve been treking through.  Today, I’ met a farmer (cause I got lost in a town with about 3 roads).  he was working on his fence and gave me directions.  He looked like Paul Newman so I told him so.  He thanked me and told me directions out of town, but somehow I ended up at his farm again.  “Hi Mr. Newman…don’t know how I managed to get back here again”.  Ha ha ha!1  my random left hand turning at work again.  I have to type fast, cuaz this cost $$.  So many huge birds of prey eating roadkill.  I came across this one who just stared like I was trying to get its dead meat.  I was driving about 30 ks, he took off RIGHT next to my passenger window going same speed as me.  I thought he was going to come in the truck!  He was looking straight at me!!  Kinda scarey.  Today, found Land Bridge, right before dark.  So, naturally, i Pull off the road and checked it out.  It was SO rad and spooky, but I had my good vibe and didn’t feel scared about it.  I just keep running into families doing same jaunts as me.  It’s not even season for theives!  Well, will try to get back to you tomorrow with more exciting news. 
How are you feeling?  I hope you are better now with antibiotics.  Tell Ethan I love him and that my “walkabout” is just great.  I’m gonna owe a lot in those road mileage fees.
From me:
So, you should cruise by Taupo and stay with Uncle Andy.  He is a single Dad who’s roomate is a male stripper.  Could be good times!  He is crazy – a photographer at a sky dive company. 
Thanks for checking in, you know I was worrying.  Have a ball, come back when you are ready, s’all good xxxx
From Bush:
well, i never spent the night with a male stripper.
Hey Nigs….sucks that ya’ll are sick.  I’m gonna stay here 2 nights then.  Tomorrow, gonna check the therm stuff here at rotorua, then getting massage if I can afford it, at Hell’s gate.  I will hopefully whitewater raft too.  I loved the caves!  super wicked, mate!  The glow worms are so cool!  Looks like consellations on the cave ceiling.   I froze my butt off!  Thank goodness I already have gloves, booties, cap, etc.  I was warmer than most.  I wished it had been a bit more….LESS guides…like my crazy rafting  trip in the jungles of Costa w no guide or clue of what was ahead.  At least there’s nothing that can kill you here…snakes, serial killers, big cats.   Except, I’m thinking about telling people I’m Canadian.  Aside from the chick at Dave’s work, I  haven’t met another yank. kinda cool, actually.
I may call Andy up tomorrow and see what’s happening.  may stay there tomorrow.  will plan to take off with ya’ll towards end of week.  let me know your details as you get them.  I will plan around you.  thinking bout extending trip and going off to surf queensland, aus.  I think there’s some good tickets out there, just gotta check and see how much.  I’m having myself a fucking honeymoon…someone asked if I was lonely or bored, no way dude.  I’m so stoked, having Bush adventures and drinking about a bottle of wine each night with heaps of brie…it’s on sale everywhere.  I’m staying at the 10ten holiday park in rotorua.  pulled into town exactly on schedule…if I even really had one of those.  I just keep telling myself, “aren’t you enjoying yourself, princess?”…”are you ready to go yet, princess, or do you want to stay a little while longer, princess?” …do you want to wash those dishes princess, or do you just want them to sit until your next meal?…YES, let the damn things sit cause I’m on my fucking honeymoon, PRINCESS!”  I love travelling alone, I get to do exactly what I want to do, whenever I want to do it…really neat.



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  1. julzarnold · July 9, 2009

    omfg. That's all I got.

    And THIS my friends, is why I love these two women…