“That word that has -ex on the end”

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Louie has been beside himself with joy at moving in with Molly and Marley but the mystique of living with a female is driving Lou to distraction.  This has not escaped the notice of our observant child.
Louie’s ‘hunting’ was so prolonged on Sunday his lipstick popped out and he couldn’t move! Ethan thought we were going to have to take Lou to the vet; how to tell him he wasn’t hurt just horny?
After some consideration E has decided that Louie and Molly must be married, because {OF COURSE!!!} they are doing that thing that ends with EX that married people do.  Mmhmmm.
Oh god. Of all the things I thought four dogs in one house would bring it wasn’t sex education.  DAMN SHI-TZUS!