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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

Ethan turned 11 just last week and present-wise it was a total non-event.

He had been saving for a big ticket item (Xbox One) for ages, and after tucking his pennies away and pretty much everyone gifting him cash for his birthday he was able to buy himself his fancy new nerd box.  Phew!  Those things are expensive guys!

So I’m looking forward to popping some wrapped pressies under the tree for my big boy this Christmas, even 11 year olds have toys on their wish lists and these 5 picks are total winners (I know because I’ve checked them out in person and they’re ALL hidden away for Santa to deliver!).

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift GuideMinions Talking Bob with Teddy Bear $100

Minions are making the kids go cray cray this year and I totally get it.  I fell in love with some weird plastic stuff when I was a youngun – Snuggle Bums anyone?  The pinnacle of Minion fandom would have to be the interactive series.  Ethan’s favourite Minion is Bob and I’ve got to admit, Talking Bob is very awesome.  He’s pretty down with his teddy, he vocalises 20 Minions sayings, songs and sounds in the original movie voice, his arms move and his soft skin upper body sort of detracts from the feeling that you’re hugging a giant capsule.  Kids don’t care though!  Bob and his pals are the business this Christmas.Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

Chill Factor Tutti Frutti Slushie Maker $25

I didn’t quite get the attraction of these slushie makers last summer until I tried one at a friends place.  Instant awesome!  No wonder they are back for summer 2015 with a colourful new look.  There’s really no limits here, you can make slushie’s from your favourite milk based-smoothie combos, natural fruit flavoured water, sodas…..I’m pretty sure if it will freeze, you can slushify it!  The best part is these require little to no adult supervision, keep them in the freezer, pour in the liquid of choice, squeeze and go!  It’s really that easy.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift GuideBananagrams Game $29.99

I’ve Ethan’s wanted this game for years.  Literally years, it’s just been one of those things that I always forget to add to the gifting list and then I see it in Farmers after Christmas and slap my head Homer Simpson style, DOH!  It’s played like Scrabble but without the board, each player simultaneously forms their own words, totally perfect for those long summer nights we’ve got to look forward to – without a device in hand YAY!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift GuideDreamworks Action Dragons $20  approx.

So How to Train your Dragon came out years ago, but I’ve got to say, I have never enjoyed an animated film as much as I did when watching those Dragons in 3d!  Apparently Ethan feels the same way as his appetite for the books and toys hasn’t waned at all.  This year we are liking action figures (still) so the Action Dragons are a great option, and a great price!  E’s hoping for a Hideous Zippleback to add to his Toothless and Stormfly duo, we’ll have to see what Santa thinks won’t we!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift GuideAir Hogs Shadow Launcher $119 approx

Remote controlled vehicles never go out of favour, the technology in them just gets better and better and Air Hogs are leading the way this Christmas.

I can’t wait to play with the Shadow Launcher, it’s a 2-in-1 super toy!  A serious ground vehicle carrying a secret cargo – a push of a button opens the bay doors to reveal a gyro-stabilised helicopter, both controlled by the same remote!  A little boy’s dream toy!  Though, I’m fairly certain there will be a certain Dad in our house clamouring for his turn at the remote!

The cool thing about all of these toys is that you won’t have to search high and low for them – available from The Warehouse, Farmers, Mighty Ape, Toyworld, Whitcoulls, Toyco and Kmart.

Who wants to win a Minions Talking Bob of their own!!!!  Thanks to the wonderful team at Planet Fun we have one to put under someone’s Christmas Tree this year!  Enter via the widget below and cross your fingers and toes xx