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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

So shopping for my little guy is so much easier than for #1, the possibilities are pretty much endless and I find before I even think about hitting the toy aisles I have to write a list, check the budget and be FIRM in my resolutions.  It’s way too easy to keep purchasing ‘little bits’ here and there because toddler gifts are relatively inexpensive (compared to a freaking Xbox lol), so it can be easy to over-spend.  Here are some of my faves for the little guys this season, let me know what you’re adding to Santa’s list in the comments below xxTop Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

Little Tikes Farm Memory Matchup $29.99

I have a freaky weird memory when it comes to my childhood and I can remember desperately wanting a toy just like this when I was little!  So, it was a total no-brainer when I spotted Memory Matchup on the Planet Fun website.  

The super-cute farm animals split in two, you hide the halves under the haystack cups, mix them up and play matching pairs!  

Nixie is going to love it – and cheat like a demon lol.

Pssssttt > Keep reading to win one for your Little Tike!

Leapfrog Number Lovin Oven $54.99Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

Oooh Nix is ALL about cooking at the moment so I couldn’t go past this wicked, educational toy from Leapfrog.  Aside from the obvious fun that is playing kitchen, there are so many other elements to explore here; number skills, parts of a whole, sharing, songs and phrases.  This is exactly the kind of toy I love to have in our house as it draws others in to play with our lovely little people.
Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

Ty Beanie Peppa Pig Soft Toys 

Dave and I have been married for 11 years this month and one tradition he has brought to our wee family is gifting a soft toy to the kids each Christmas.  I’m not a cuddly toy kinda girl so the boys are blessed that their daddy likes to buy teddies!

Nix is mad over Peppa and George Pig and Ty Beanies are classics that kids instantly fall in love with.  I’m going to squish 3 of the small size into his stocking this year and watch him absolutely squeal with delight when he cuddles them to death!

Kurio 7″ Kids Tablet $199Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift Guide

I’m a tech geek and my kids will be tech geeks too.  This is a fact and something I make no bones about.  Truthfully, Nix is responsible for the death of one iPad – so far!  It was during his in-and-out-of-hospital period where he was confined to a cot for long periods while connected to various tubes, catheters, epidurals etc.  He didn’t do it on purpose but I’m not that keen on him destroying another one.  

So, an alternative device with similar capabilities as it’s more expensive peers is a VERY welcome addition to our household.  Meet the awesome Kurio!  A fully functional Android tablet with stacks of value-adds which I’m loving such as;

  • Internet filtering
  • Time controls
  • Piggy bank system
  • Proprietary Kurio Motion games to get kids up and moving while enjoying their device – so awesome and fun!

Look, tech is not going anywhere and our family’s philosophy is to embrace the positives and try to minimise the negatives with careful time management and parental involvement in what our kids are using devices for.  I can’t wait to use the Kurio with Nix in some of his routine quiet times after Santa arrives this year!  (the kid-safe bumper is included in the box too, hopefully it’s Nixon proof!).

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift GuidePaw Patrol Lookout Playset $99.50

Might as well just come out and say it, I’m a huge Paw Patrol fan.  It’s the catchy jingle, the cute dogs, their awesome vehicles…….I think Chase and his pals are totally cool.  Combine this with Nix’s LOVE of cars and trucks and what I call ‘contained’ play ie play centred around one main object (like a garage or more often a windowsill!) and I knew we needed this playset!

With a real working elevator, lights, sounds and a wraparound slide, we are all going to be spending some serious time on the carpet these holidays!  We’ve been collecting the small vehicles since the beginning of the year when we first discovered the TV show so adding this interactive playset to our games will be amaze – I’m a little curious as to what else Nix is going to fire down that slide lol!

Fireman Sam Vehicles $29.99Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Toddler Gift Guide

Fireman Sam is one of those sentimental shows for me.  E loved to watch it and so does Nixon.  I could totally do with a few less cameos from ‘NORMAN’ (you must say that with a very high, exasperated British accent please!) but hi-ho.

The assorted Fireman Sam vehicles are so great, they are chunky and substantial feeling in your hand and have opening and closing doors – which is a very important consideration when you’re two fyi!  These and the matching figures are sold separately so take that into consideration when purchasing.

The cool thing about all of these toys is that you won’t have to search high and low for them – available from The Warehouse, Farmers, Mighty Ape,Toyworld, Whitcoulls, Toyco and Kmart.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Boy Gift GuideJR Wooden Balance Bike $89.99

I’ve already given this guy the thumbs up over here, so make sure you click through and get the full rundown.  So sad to be saying goodbye to our trusty plastic motorbike but he’s been thrashed and Nix has split the front wheel, fingers crossed it even lasts the next 3 weeks before Christmas!

Who wants to win a Little Tikes Farm Memory Matchup of their own!!!!  Thanks to the wonderful team at Planet Fun we have one to put under someone’s Christmas Tree this year!  Enter via the widget below and cross your fingers and toes xx