New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Dressmaker review

Mother’s Day Gift Inspo – Win The Dressmaker on DVD

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New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Dressmaker review

Ok guys, here’s a Mother’s Day idea all done and dusted for you;

  1. 1 x copy of The Dressmaker
  2. 1 x pretty gift bag or gift box
  3. A couple of treats for Mum to enjoy and pamper herself with while she watches this fabulous movie; think lush handcream, scrummy tea, her fave lipstick and something sweet.

Dave and I sat down and watched The Dressmaker on Friday night and fell in love with the film within the first 20 minutes.  Australian films done well deliver comedy gold and this is no exception.  Bone dry humor, stunning costumes, set and landscapes you have to see to believe and one of the most intimate, heartfelt characterisations and storylines 
I’ve enjoyed in a while.

Kate Winslet owns this movie.  Ran out of her tiny, rural town as a young girl and wrongly vilified, her character Tilly returns home with enough moxie to silence her critics once and for all – not without heady doses of romance, tragedy and drama of course!  Tilly has learned her trade as a Parisian Dressmaker and brings her talent, and her sewing machine, back home to breathe some life, style and va-va-va-voom into a very dull, 1950’s Australian community.  She eventually wins over her hard-as-nails Mum, who has remained in the town alone and ostracized in the years following Tilly’s departure. The Dressmaker is quirky and engaging, delivering scene after scene of inimtiable storytelling with an effortless, Aussie charisma.  

I struggle with movies, my micro-attention span and mega to-do-lists often conspire against me when I try to sit down and enjoy a film from start to finish.  I had no trouble settling in to watch The Dressmaker – the captivating cast and brilliant story make this film a guaranteed hit.  I’m adding the original novel by Rosalie Ham to my reading list so I can enjoy it all over again.

The Dressmaker is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray, plus, I have 3 copies on DVD to give away!

To enter, just leave me a comment below!  Competition closes 8th May 2016 @ 10pm, NZ residents only.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Dressmaker review