The Flip Side of Parenting

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Yes it’s true.  There is one.  It’s not all spectacular family outings and cute photos of Ethan and his dog.  There are days {like today} when I simply don’t know what to do any more.  I have run out of  good parenting tips and ideas, the reward charts aren’t working any more, taking things away seems to not faze him.

Don’t extrapolate from this and crucify me for being honest.  My son is a wonderful caring boy, who is SMART beyond his years and intensely focused, driven and competitive {all of which are characteristics I value highly in people} but he also has a furious temper, is a control freak, requires instant gratification and refuses to take no for an answer.

Just like me.

So, somehow I need to teach my mini-me to respect ME and his father and his Nana and Grandad.  Because, as he told me tonight, he is a lovely boy to everyone else.

So this is a bad day.  And that’s all it is, but it is the truth and it is the reality of being a parent.