The House | A little Update

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Sometimes I catch myself only posting pictures and NO content.  Other times I post content that has zero personality and zero personal tidbits.  I’m fairly sure blog-readers like personal tidbits, if you didn’t you would read newspapers and memoirs of aircraft engineers instead.

So.  Now that I have just bickered with my husband for 10 fucking minutes about the build of a new entrance way cupboard, I’ll get back to my blog post.

Don’t be shocked.  Did some real life just slap you in the face.  Sorry about that.  This house renovating business does that, makes little benign topics into fantastic argument fodder.  Hanging doors is another great exercise in fighting with your spouse, as is moving furniture {20 times over}, water-blasting the chimney, ordering new window sashes……..

It seems creating something where there once was nothing cause much anxiety, and anxiety causes people to bitch and moan.  I am no exception, however the notion of Dave bitching back at me is entirely new.

The storm has apparently blown over by the onset of Grace Jones hula hooping through her whole Queens Jubilee Performance???!! WTF indeed.

So, this week we have;

  1. Moved Ethan back into his freshly plastered and painted room sans repainted sills as his new window was just installed today.  His new double bed is delicious, makes snuggling so much more comfy – though trying to find little boy bed-clothes in double was a mission and a half – Thank you Spotlight!
  2. The bank fence has been water-blasted by me and is no longer a yellow, black, green slime combo
  3. Mum has dug out the new front garden and planted it.  Looks amaze.
  4. We started painting our new front fence.  To be continued – most sucky job yet.
  5. The main lounge is ready for final coats
  6. Mums room is finished
  7. New windows – double glazed! – ordered for Mum’s room today
  8. All rubbish from filthy previous owners removed by FOUR trips to the dump last weekend alone

Progress feels good.  And tiring and expensive.  The total upside is that no dogs have been lost to date and that the sanding is over!