The Plague aka Year 4 Girls

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photoTerm 1 draws to a close on Friday and E has started the year as he means to continue; his touch team won the summer club module, he won the backstroke at Swimming Sports and came 2nd in his other events, he has volunteered to assist two special needs kids at school on a rostered basis and is performing at his usual high level both in the classroom and on the rugby field.

The only blemish marring a great 11 weeks at school has been girls.  They have been doing his head in all term.  Whispering, pointed looks, notes, interruptions of lunchtime rugby games and constant attention have just about driven my young man to distraction.  He even booked himself in for not one but two sessions with the school guidance councillor to try and sort through the problems of one so handsome.  My visit to his teacher stomped out the flames of passion for a week or two, but last Thursday one little madam took things to a whole new level.

E came home with his first love letter.

A masterpiece of colored pencil and spelling mistakes {E was very unimpressed with her literary failings!}, this three page devotional made Ethan rethink his previous annoyance with girls, he was quietly chuffed.  She said he was funny, and so nice, and that she actually really did like him and she begged him not to show everyone at school the letter.  He was practically beaming, amazed that someone had taken the time to write all of those nice things about him!

I listened and nodded and shut my mouth even when I wanted to suggest maybe he aim for someone in a higher spelling group.  I was Silent Mama, just happy that he wanted to share this momentous occasion with me.

He arrived at school on Friday morning and was promptly told by said madam that it was all a fake!  An elaborate ruse and she didn’t mean any of it.  My heart broke all the way from Christchurch when Dave text me the news that afternoon.  At least E was stoic and assured his Dad that he gave her the heave-ho as soon as he heard the news.  At rugby practice that afternoon E sought the sage advice of his coach and older, wiser 9yo team mates who assured him that they had been there and that girls just suck.

A little less huss would cause a LOT less fuss in the classroom I’m sure.  Isn’t 8 way too young for this kind of carry on from these girls?  I’m trying to instill the Bro’s before Hoes ethos so he will be prepared for the next girl-sneak attack, too bad E is just so damn nice!