Things I’m Loving

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Today is the last day of our very relaxing stay-cation, both Dave and I head back to work on Monday leaving Nana and Ethan to hold down the fort in holiday mode for the rest of the month.

The numero uno thing I am loving is the new WordPress Media Editor released in the latest WP update, this will def help me keep my blog well endowed with pics this year.  The old format was so tired and cumbersome, this was a very pleasant and well needed surprise!


The sun managed to come out this week and we enjoyed some amazing blue sky days at our favourite spot up north.  I would so much rather drive for just over an hour to spend the day here than sit in the car for 2 hours at an inner city beach waiting for a carpark!  Did you guys read this story?  Unbelievable.  Loving our new Kathmandu beach shelter, it’s so nice to have a cool shady spot in the afternoon when you just can’t take any more sun!




Loving my Kindle this summer.  I have recently downloaded a couple of the latest NY Times Bestseller lists, so it’s choca-block full of lovely reading material for lazy afternoons!  If you haven’t discovered Calibre yet I can highly recommend it.  It will manage your Kindle (or any e-reader) library and convert and downloaded e-book into Kindle friendly format.



Dave and E have joined forces this summer and are at the Skatepark every available second.  Though E is not yet on a skateboard {something his Dad has had to learn to accept} he is charging on his precious MGP scooter.  He drops in to everything; watching the videos they make just about give me heart failure!  I am proud of his confidence and also the skate park etiquette that his Dad has made sure to teach him over the years.  It has made being regulars at Victoria Park much easier for both Ethan and Dave.


Though I didn’t hit the shops on Boxing Day, I may have made an excursion or two since then.  Loving the Country Road sale, have picked up some great bargains.


Whenever Ethan asked me what I wanted for Christmas, all I could think of was a box of Cadbury Continental Chocolates.  These were such a common gift at Christmas time when I was a kid, but seem to have fallen off as Favourites and Roses have become more popular.  I got my wish and enjoyed every last one of them!


Remember last week I said my tomatoes were just about ready?  Taaaa-dahhh!  So sweet and delicious, I can’t get enough of them.  During my last short pregnancy (missed-miscarriage) I couldn’t stand tomatoes but this time around I am charging them back – with lashings of cream cheese and avocado of course ; )


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