Things I’m Loving | Happy Easter!

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Oh Easter.  Perfect timing this year, 4 days in a row with no work, no rushing, no scheduling {rugby practice is still on this afternoon which has just sent Ethan into fits of rage}, but aside from that, nothing we HAVE to do.  This week has been a bit painful on the preggo side of things so I am so looking forward to slowing things down.

Loving that Mum and I are nearing the end of our first crochet project, a lovely {I hope} granny square blanket/throw for my lounge. We have had fun with it, Mum’s just busting to get it finished now so she can get on with knitting for baby and I’m not quite sure what my next project will be.

Granny Squares


Loving my braided bread, it’s coming along quite nicely now after multiple attempts and our bread recipe, when kneaded in the bread maker comes out silky smooth and so easy to use.  This batch was stuffed with mayo, salami, capsicum and yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden and was destined for our pre-season rugby bbq.


I’m trying to get more plants into our indoor spaces and love how vibrant and green this new fern looks, waiting for it’s new home in my macrame pot holder I thrifted a couple of months ago.  Dave is not keen to hang this in our lounge I can tell but he has been overruled!  And yes, dinosaurs are still flavour of the month, the big white one was actually purchased for the nursery but has been ‘borrowed’ until little brother is born lol.

Potted Fern

So much loving having the black gold back in the pantry,  Dave and Mum don’t care for it too much but E and I have been enjoying Marmite on our toast and crumpets all week.  Just looking at this pic makes my mouth water.

Marmite is back!


Occasionally E will pick up mu camera and go snap-happy around the house, usually taking lots of pics of the dogs, things to note; he has remembered to put the strap around his neck: 10 points, yes, that is a commemorative ABBA plate on my wooden chest.  I love it when I download photos and find his surprise images.