Things I’m Loving

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loving dahlia season.  this is the second summer our bulbs have been in the ground and they are going nuts, not just these dinner plate sized purple ones, but the smaller red and whites that only had one bloom last year are looking much more promising


i don’t know whether i’m loving this or hating it but will err on the optimistic side.  our tiles in the entrance, kitchen and laundry are up and new vinyl planking is to be laid next week.  our old cement foundation is such a mess and looks like it was hand mixed so i think the installers are going to have lots of fun with the prep, meaning lots more $$$.  it will be lovely when it’s done so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly 


early mornings together-ish.  love these boys x


i cashed in one of my christmas prezzies this week and enjoyed a manicure / pedicure.  seriously loving my fluoro orange nails


i’ve tidied and tidied this week and i’m loving my reclaimed desk.  organised and ready to start the year off as i mean to continue