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Yay Sunday night and the best part is there is another Sunday night tomorrow night! {sort of. Queens Jubilee weekend yus}.

Every second of every day I AM LOVING making this house our home.  E is loving it too,but he has this paranoia that the previous owner is going to ask for his house back!  The only way we can reassure him that the house is ours is to tell him IT’S THE LAW.  So I let him write on the walls in his bedroom before we painted it.  It was nice that he literally carved his message into the wall.  So you could see it even after undercoat and two layers of paint.

Decorating.  The walls?Our back yard is a veritable autumn bonanza of leaves.  Falling/fallen leaves.

Autumn Leaves

This is real Saturday mornings {without rugby}.  Unbrushed hair, unwashed faces, bacon, omelets and mini-pancakes.  Boys in jammies……FAMILY.  Love.

Saturday Morning Cooked breakfasts.

Doesn’t every mummy blog have a macaron fail?  Surely.  Here is mine.  They were crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and they tasted divine.  However they had no legs, they had peaky tops and my white chocolate ganache did not set.  Epic fail.

Macaron Fail

Our new office is north facing and HOT {LOVE}.  I actually have to wear sunnies in the afternoon, you know, because  of the problem of the window coverings……I flip flopped on this actually.  I had booked roman blinds, but took ages to pick the fabric,paid the deposit than realized i’m not really a roman blind kind of girl.  To be continued.

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