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So I am a bit late in posting but I wanted/needed to be thankful as this week has been rough.  Tears, frustration, anger, stress and anxiety  beat me down, almost.  We survived and I can think of many things that make me smile again.


Ethan forgot he was wearing his headband from a Samoan dance performance and sported it whilst we were grocery shopping.  He would never voluntarily do things like this so I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of my quickly disappearing little boy!


E has no problem dressing up for Halloween though!  We had an amazing evening on Wednesday walking around our lovely neighbourhood with some other great Mums.  There were so many safe houses, some of them decorated to the hilt!  We kicked things off at the Scout Den where a very scary House of Horror had been installed, so scary it was almost a bit much for our nearly-eight year old Trick or Treaters.



We love fireworks and Guy Fawkes but three out of our four dogs do not.  Poor Louie started off at the foot of the bed and inched his way up until he was sharing Dave’s pillow.  I love a cuddly Shi Tzu, even if the poor guy is shaking with fear.


 Loving a little lunch Date with Dave.  Bombay pizza from GPK has been my fave since I was 18 and it still has not let me down.  Banana on pizza is the business!  Also getting used to my iPhone 5, this is an unedited pic and i think it’s pretty amaze, though I have experienced the yucky purple halo that many critics have attributed to the lens in the new phone.


 Loving that our new truck is no longer our new truck.  We had it for 15 days and found out the odometer had been disconnected.  This was the cause of much distress this week.  Dave got it sorted and got our money back and we pick up our new truck tomorrow.  Buying cars is so stressful!


Loving the blue sky patches that are getting more and more common, we have had some fab weather the last couple of weeks, you can definitely tell as the water trucks have started returning to our neighbourhood {better go check the tank actually!}.


I am loving my wee brass animal collection that is growing, slowly into a full-blown ornament menagerie!  I have a family of pigs and a little bird arriving any day now via Trade Me.

Brass Animals