Things I’m Loving

We have just returned back from a wee work trip (for me) up north to Paihia and I am feeling slightly better than I have been lately, at least well enough to focus on throwing a post together!

Summer Vege Garden

I am loving our summer vege garden, the last two weeks have seen everything go mad!  So much so that when I checked our courgettes today we have a triple-banger, somehow three courgettes have merged into one very strange looking oblong!  We have planted capsicum, guava, grapes, passionfruit, blueberries, blackberries, courgettes, tomatoes, spinach and lettuce.

Watching Obama Win!

 So stoked that my little American and I got to watch President Obama win his second election, the thought of an ignorant religious zealot getting voted in makes me feel stabby and quite sick to my stomach ::::shudder::::.

New Truck

Totally loving our new truck, which remained new for all of five days, when after that I reversed it into a parking guard rail. ?*#!!!!!!!!.  It’s very big, in my defence.


These two are just peas in a pod at the moment.  It hasn’t always been this way, Ethan has been very close to me his whole life but oh my the times are a-changing.  Dave woke in our hotel this weekend to find Ethan standing over him, desperate for him to wake up – fishing was on the agenda of course!


Also loving Dave’s amazing haul last week, by the end of the fish bounty I may just have had enough for a wee while at least (can’t believe I even typed that! slaps hand).


My big-little boy is turning eight this week and I can’t get enough of him at the moment.  He was so much fun to hang out with this weekend and has been so considerate and caring when I’ve not been feeling well.  I’m loving how his invitations turned out, we are going to have so much fun in the forest next weekend!



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  1. So glad you’re feeling better! You have an amazing garden – wish stuff grew as well as that down our way! Your party invites look cool as…can’t wait to see some pics from the big day 🙂 Meg

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