Things I’m Loving | Pickles & Peppers

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Mustard_Mayonnaise_PicklesPurple Capsicum






1.  Mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.  A magical trifecta of perfect sandwiches.  Preferably on croissants, with ham or chicken.  I am loving this trio so much at the moment I could eat eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2.  We have mysteriously ended up with a purple capsicum {which means I purchased a purple capsicum I suppose, though I don’t remember doing this} and it is fruiting.  I left the peppers on the plant for ages thinking they might change colour, but they are stubborn and demand to be eaten PURPLE.  Which is ok, as they are actually delicious.

3.  Loving Star Wars Light Sabre fights which cause a massive flurry of barking and much chasing, running and yelling.  Ethan has had these swords since he was 4 {I think?} and they are getting more use this summer than they have in the last four years combined!

4.  Quiet moments are rare in our house as Dave and Ethan don’t do “quiet time” well.  In fact Dave can’t do it at all.  A constant stream of activity needs to be maintained at all times.  I loved seeing E take some time out to listen to his music and play one of his fab Christmas Games – Sink or Swim –  that he received from his Nana.

5.  There has been so much skateboarding and scootering these holidays which has been great for the boys.  I loved seeing this image pop up in my Instagram feed as Dave snuck off for a lunchtime skate break.

6.  Oh Sal’s Pizza.  I.  LOVE.  YOU.