This is what 'socialist' medicine looks like

What I had suspected was a particularly nasty case of Man-Flu has turned out to be a bit more serious as Dave is now into his 24th hour in residence at North Shore hospital. Maybe it’s his appendix maybe it’s giardia WE JUST DON’T KNOW. I wish someone would figure it out. We are visiting him at the moment and Ethan is alternating between being fine and getting really upset about his daddy having to stay here .
Dave’s amazing optimistic attitude keeps shining through – he can’t believe that this is the reality of free health care. It really makes you wonder what all of those rednecks are fussing about.

Daddy and Ethan geeking in hospital PIC132



4 thoughts on “This is what 'socialist' medicine looks like”

  1. Free healthcare is amazing. I love being alive for free! 😀
    I couldn't live anywhere without free healthcare.

    I hope the doctors figure out what's wrong with Dave soon.

  2. Those rednecks would probably say that without socialism, you'd know by now what was wrong. Yeah….you might not be able to afford to treat it…. but that's capitalism….

  3. That's what really gets me about this argument Susan. The attitude that your system 'must' be better because the user pays. Medicine is medicine, they don't know what is wrong with Dave because the pathology of certain test results take a fixed amount of time to complete. Capitalism certainly hasn't helped find a cure for cancer or AIDS has it?
    Capitalilsm is a nice word to bandy around and is without a doubt indispensible and desirable in any progressive economic climate, but when it comes to the basic human right to healthcare – how anyone can say that demographic stratification of care / cost of healthcare is 'right' is beyond me.
    Charity starts at home, lets break it down to good 'ol christian values shall we? If a government cares enough to fight and sacrifice the lives of its soldiers on foreign soil in a foreign war how can it turn its back on its own people who cannot afford to send their children to the dentist – EVER? Is that right?

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