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The Tiny Dictator; Our 2yo is running our household.

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It pains me to write that as, if I’m being honest, I’m a total control freak, and I have lost control in my own house. 

We’ve all fallen victim to a smiling assassin.  16kg of pure cute that does what he likes, bites whomever he chooses, throws tables and stools willy-nilly, draws on walls and furniture when the mood takes him, rides dogs when he feels the urge, demands cookies before breakfast and snaps his fingers for an Ipad and can justify his outlandish behaviour by batting his eyelashes at you and explaining his actions with the eloquence of a preschooler twice his age.

We are in so much trouble.

It sounds naive, but this rather unacceptable state of affairs has crept up on us as over time.  Certain behaviours have become the norm over a period of a few months, mostly since Nixie’s last hospital stay, until things have reached their zenith over the past 7 days and I’m at my wits end trying to contain the ‘baby’ when he goes into hulk-mode.

There are many factors that have combined in a perfect storm of parenting fails;

  • The 8.5 year age gap that left us all gooey over a new baby after so long
  • The Big Brother factor – Ethan is also all gooey over little bro and these two boys love nothing more then going mental and hyping each other up with daily wrestling matches and games of indoor rugby……..{the Crown Lynn and the dogs live in FEAR!}
  • Nix is the baby that arrived after my Dad died > insert all the sad feelings
  • Nix is the baby that arrived after a miscarriage > see above
  • Nix is the baby born with a congenital disease {read about his Hirschsprung’s Disease here} and as such has had mega-parenting-sympathy on his side after multiple hospital stays and major surgery
  • Nix is the baby with the longest eyelashes in the world, the biggest personality and the most beautiful blue eyes and bung ear you’ve ever seen plus he’s ridiculously smart and funny.


He has us wrapped around his chubby fingers and he knows it.  He has his fake cry on point, when I ask him if he’s watching people unwrap toys on YouTube he says “No Mummy” and quickly switches back to Tayo or diggers, he has said the word yes one time in his whole life – I’m pretty sure he’s actually allergic to any form of  willing compliance at this stage.  A lot of this can definitely be attributed to his recent stay in Starship.  Traumatic things happened to him in order to get him well again and receive the medicines he needed, but it fuelled his instinct to resist and to fight.  He still hasn’t stopped fighting.  Every diaper change is a massive ordeal and can be really physically demanding.  We liken it to alligator wrestling if you’re wondering.

But, Nixon {#nonixonno} needs to be disciplined.  I say that in the nicest possible way one can say that one’s two year old needs discipline, but we can’t deny it any longer.  The child is on the fast track to the naughty step and it’s time for Dave and I to step up and get down to business.

I can’t write all of this though without recognizing Nixie’s beautiful nature, compassion (usually towards his brother) and his gift for making you feel like you are the most amazing being in the universe.  His beautiful smile reaches me when little else can and reminds me of all that’s good.  He’s also a freaky FREAK with numbers and can tackle like a five year old who has no time for rippa rugby.  

Heart melt Nixon.  



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