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@ wives of men (or men who do other mens laundry):

If your husband pulls his socks off and leaves them in balls like this;SOCKS

just know that you are not alone.  I thought I was the only one to suffer this affliction but it appears after comparing notes with some girlfriends that this is a universal man problem ie it’s not MY problem, it’s Dave’s problem.  I’m not going near those things.

@ people who forward crap emails

The crap emails are fine.  Some of them are even funny.  But if you are expecting me to read it you should probably delete all of the prior ‘fwd’ information so the email is at least at the top of the page and I don’t have to scroll for five minutes before I find your cute little joke.  Also, if you have ‘attached’ the cute little joke in another email so that I have to double click to open the attachment and then scroll for 5 minutes, you’re really pressing your luck.  Surely the interweb has been around for long enough now that you all have learnt some manners?  No?  (please) Read here if your netiquette is lacking.

@ Ethan

When I ask youThe conspiracy theoristto go and feed the pig, I am NOT conspiring against you and I do NOT want to send you out in the cold for fun or to get you sick (as you accused me of doing two days ago) , I just want you to do your chores.  Your guilt trips of late have gotten maniacal.  You are four and are either reading far too much into what I am asking you to do or are becoming a master manipulator.  I pretty sure I know which one it is….. Oh and you are NOT getting a printer for your computer so you can print all the pictures of sharks and tunas that you want – see above you don’t have a job YOU ARE FOUR . 

Acer Aspire 1

@ Dave

Your sausage fingers are way too pudgy for my svelte little laptop mate!  Hands off (especially if you insist on using it for such boring things as researching 11km Fun Runs (oxymoron much?)