The #wantneed conundrum

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#need shopping today

Selley’s Liquid Nails: to fix the stupid handle on Nixon’s Mocka Wooden Trolley that refuses to stay stuck

Cheap nappies: Nixon poos like a champ now approx 7 times per day at least, expensive Huggies are now reserved for nights only

New Nursing bras:  After wearing the same dingy nursing bras for 13 months I decided to splash out at the Farmers sale and get a couple of new ugly bras.  Nix is showing no signs of ditching the boob so we will soldier on with the shoulder snaps

New swim pants for E: He blew the ass out of his old ones, cheers Farmers!

New Flippers for E:  My swim fins from my surf lifesaving days approx 17 years ago finally bit the dust so popped in to Stirling Sports to pick up a new pair

Plastic farm animals: Nix likes to moooo, or maaaaa if I’m being honest.  It’s a fab cow/sheep combo sound that he invented himself!  Maaaaaaa. Found these gems at The Warehouse.

{Not pictured but equally exciting were baby wipes, Dettol spray cleaner and three dog beds for the assholes.}

So, lets preface this post by saying, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a wee while, no, I’m not preaching to the choir as I’m fully aware that I’m the biggest shop-a-holic there is pretty much. So hello Pot, I’m Kettle.

If you’re an avid Instagram user such as myself, you would have undoubtedly come across the #wantneed hashtag at some point.  Basically 95% of my feed is images that I could classify as #wantneed; beautiful linen, $50 baby leggings, $600 hand-woven rugs, models with legs for days shopping for Chanel purses, underground Etsy crafters creating handmade masterpieces that would look so fab on my wall {if I had any room left on my walls to hang shit}.  Even my fave second hand store has an IG account, tempting me with Scandi Bloomingville wares that aren’t even second hand wtf?!!!

Instagram is rad and I seriously love it, but holy hell if it doesn’t make my credit card burn a hole in my wallet every time I see a Needle & Nail chopping board – not that they are overpriced, they are just gorgeous and gorgeous = #wantneed!  I keep thinking of this one IG account, a very stylish mama in Australia with a gang of cute kids.  If I unfollowed her there is a chance I would not know where to buy the hottest espadrilles this summer, I may not know that Kip & Co have a new linen range out soon or I may never have heard of Mini Rodini {GASP}.  

And would any of this matter?  

Not in the fucking slightest.

None of this matters if you have infinite disposable income or at least enough to be able to live with yourself for spending $69 on a baby onesie.  I guess what prompted me to finally get this post out of my head was that viral Momastery post about the lady and her damn kitchen – didn’t we all look appreciatively at our kitchens for about 3 hours after reading that, regardless of whether our backsplash had subway tiles or not?.  Surely this wondrous social media comprised SOLEY of images is doing our heads in, and perhaps our bank balances?  It’s natural for us to gravitate towards the trend-setters, the beautiful people with the beautiful children and designer decor, but maybe this 24-7 access to how the other half lives runs the risk of normalising excess and amplifying the rampant consumerism that we are already mired in?

Nixon’s poor bott is requiring a LOT of attention post-op, lots of time and lots of money are being focused on his nether region and I’m just so thankful that a) I am fortunate enough to be able to give him my time all day every day and b) that we have the money to spend on his medicine, most of which is non-subsidised.  It’s really given me a bit of a wake up call about what I spend money on to be honest.  So that is where todays pic comes from; a flat-lay not of lust-worthy clothes, shoes or accessories, but an image of everyday, normal mummy shopping.  No #needwant items to be seen but plenty that I’m grateful for xx