Wednesday……it's what's in my head

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(Formerly known as Tuesday…’s what’s in my head)

  • Today’s theme song is 10 years old and is still the shit.  I was taken back to my days of flatting in Ponsonby, bar-tending and not going to my masters classes in Sociology by the fab DJ on bfm this morning when he whipped out this little beauty; (hang in through the mellow 1st minute for a banging chorus)


  • Dave turns 33 in 7 days, what to do, what to do?
  • I have 3 hard, painful lumps in my lymph node region under my arms – they better not be swine-flu repositories
  • There are blossoms on the trees!  Perhaps winters misery-grip is slipping?
  • After forgetting to bake date scones last night I had to resort to a bakery morning tea shout for my work-mates.  This was lucky as I discovered that NONE of them like date scones!  WTF?  What is wrong with these people?
  • I won a double pass to The Rialto Cinemas yesterday and Dave won free Burger Fuel today – that means a cheap date night is on the cards!
  • If any of you have noticed the addition of scarves to the masthead, you might be interested to know that Ethan is solely responsible for their fluoro palette, he did the photoshop work for me.  I swear, he did it all.  NERD ALERT.  Another mouse-potato in the family as my Dad would say.