Weekend Love

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Loving all of these days, even the ones with no naps, which actually are most of these days who am I kidding!  Loving that this month our Big Boy turns nine and I won’t be dry heaving with morning-sickness and I can take him out to Sushi for lunch – and EAT the sushi.  Loving that I got my veges planted last week and that we have had some awesome rain to give our tank a much needed top-up before the heat of what I’m sure will be another dry summer starts eating away at our bank account.  Because I need all of that money to fund my growing Crown Lyn white vase collection.  Dave’s hash tag on a recent Instagram picture was #goingbrokebuyingvases lol.  Sorry about that Dave, there have been some excellent bargains on Trade Me lately!


Also loving our passionfruit vine which is going off this year!  So many flowers and fruit on this wee plant it’s amazing, loving Ethan doing his homework by reading to his little brother, I am hoping this scene will be played out over and over in the years to come.  

One of my extremely talented bloggy friends Sarah has published her first book and we were so excited to receive our copy of The Little Tree this week.  It is the most darling book introducing some of NZ’s fabulous natives and would make a very special gift for a little one this Christmas.  The first run sold out but you can purchase from the second run here.  

After reading about cronuts all over the inter webs we finally tried one this week.  OMG.  Croissant, filled with lemon buttercream stuff, shaped like a donut, deep fried then dusted with sugar and chocolate.  And they available approx 3kms from my house WHICH IS FAR TOO CLOSE!

Finally, I am SO loving my new Tupperware pantry set which I won from Simone at Great Fun For Kids.  There is no WAY on gods green earth that I would ever have invested $200 in a Tupperware set so I am so thankful to have won such an amazing prize, especially as I know this will last pretty much forever {going by my Mum’s Tupperware that is still being used in our pantry – it’s older than me!}.

Have a lovely weekend!