Weekly Wrap Up

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I bought a sweet pair of medium sized Stirling silver hoops this week and I LOVE them, they make me feel like my outfit is finished with a little bit ‘o sass!


Seriously, am I going to spend ALL of our money on concert tickets this year? Unmissable show of 2010 has to be The Pixies live at Vector Arena in Auckland.  Dave and I heard the announcement on bfm at the same time and immediately called each other and sang “here comes your man!”


After begging Dave for weeks to let me buy a smart phone, it turns out that there was one sitting there unused at my work!  Joy of  joys, I can now moblog, twitpic, FB, Tweet EVERYWHERE!  Interesting fact:  Vodafone has a free track of the day – my first free download “Bootylicious”. Hmmmmm….right.

Spring tulips!!!!!  Growing up our driveway.  4 days into spring and Auckland has had nothing but glorious sunshine……and bitterly southerlies, you can’t have it all in dirty old Aucks.

I can’t get enough of microwave poached eggs, in this nifty plastic apparatus.  Istarted off with just one egg in the morning and some toast, but in the interests of my fat ass, I have moved on to 2 eggs, ham and cheese – no toast.  (You decide in which way I am looking after the interests of my ass ; ).

Not-so-much loving

My dumb-ass tonsils, that contiually hurt and leave me with the only slightly annoying sensation of imbibing glass every time I swallow.  Yes I am going to see the Dr. next week without a doubt and if I can speak I will be asking her to TAKE THOSE BASTARDS OUT, just like that.