Weekly Wrap-up

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  • Best thing this week – watching Twilight in the hot tub with Dave on Tuesday night, I can NEVER sit through a movie, but the spa left me pretty much comatose by the end of the movie so I couldn’t move too quickly even I wanted to + that damn vampire is hot, pasty but hot
  • Worst thing – the pain of my hamstrings after netball on Monday, lets not dwell…..
  • I am proud of; maintaining my diet for 4 days with no cheating and NO alcohol.  Amazing I tell you.
  • What I have purchased:

Conair Glass Body Fat, Bone Mass and hydration scale.

I am on a diet.  Yes indeed, I want to lose 6-8 kgs (13-17.6 pounds).  God that’s a lot when ou write it down and convert it!  So I needed some scales, we have never had any before and these are pretty cool.  They zip electrical curents through your nether regions and tell you your weight (of course) but also your body fat percentage, bone mass and hydration level.  Plus you can set multiple profiles for each user in the house.  I picked these up from The Warehouse for $49.

Jungle in my Pocket Pets

I have purchased 13 of these bad boys this week.  Ethan is “In to Them”.  Whatever, they are kinda cute and it is so nice to see him take an interest in something other than sharks or fishing magazines.  Ethan actually purchased two of them himself with his pocket money (money he pilfered from his Nana’s car).

  • Most delicious thing I have eaten – well this is lame, but as my diet this week has consisted of; rice bubbles, sunflower seeds, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, baked chicken, mixed veges and small potatoes, the Best thing I ate this week was……

OMG DAMN THESE TASTE GOOD!   Harraways Oat Singles in the Apricot variety are insanely yummy with only 128 calories per serve!  I had never tried porridge before this week and I can’t belive no-one told me what I was missing out on.  I seriously can’t get enough of these things.  I have been mixing a tablespoon of flaxseed oil with them for extra goodness and they still taste fab.  These oats are going to help me get through the next 28 days I am sure of it!