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The 13-Story Treehouse – By Andy Griffiths

Ethan received this book for Christmas from his wonderful Nana – or from Santa who went to Nana’s by mistake, I’m not quite sure – anyway he will finish it tomorrow night and we will be sad.

This book is so much fun, it’s fast paced, full of repetitive boy humour, wildly imaginative and quite simply has captivated Ethan’s attention. I have read the last two chapters with him at night as I was dying to get a feel for what was causing him to chuckle so during his reading time.

All the ingredients are here; a giant treehouse complete with every fantastical addition you can imagine {think shark tank, soda fountain, flying cats etc}, simple but engaging illustrations which help to lighten the text-load for reluctant readers and cool easy to relate to characters Terry and Andy who are themselves writing a book!

Ethan is 7yrs 4mths and last Nov was assessed at reading about 12-18mths ahead so I would recommend this book for kids ages 7-10 as both a story book or an independent reader.


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